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Monthly horoscope: August 2016

July 23rd 2016 / Jessica Adams / 3 comments


Astrologer Jessica Adams predicts your month ahead.


*Your new lifestyle, covering paid and unpaid work, your daily routine – and particularly your body – begins as early as the first week of August. Stunning opportunities are coming.
*A fresh start with your children, godchildren, nieces, nephews (or work involving a younger generation) arrives in the first days of August and the path is clear for a crucial new chapter.
*Avoid Wednesday 17th-Friday 19th August for action plans or judgement calls about groups and friends, from clubs to teams, as an eclipse shows a cover-up job or vital missing details.
*The eclipse from the 17th-19th is also unsuitable for choices involving children, serious lovers or teenagers. Try to target this earlier, wrapping up choices near the 2nd.
*Deal with existing challenges regarding foreign people and places, education, publishing, the internet with wise advice and do not complicate life near Wednesday 24th.


*Use the New Moon in the first week to propel yourself into a fresh chapter involving your house, family, town, apartment, household and/or country while your timing is right.
*You are in a fantastic position with babies, children, young adults, paid/unpaid efforts with a younger generation – or a serious lover who could bring that into your life. Use it soon.
*Skip the eclipse period, August 17th-19th for any dramatic changes or decisions which would affect your career, unpaid work or university degree. The facts are obscured.
*That eclipse near the 18th is also best avoided if you want total clarity about your home, relative, local area, nation – and all matters affecting your people and your place.
*Don’t add to existing burdens involving your money, business, company, house, possessions, charity or apartment in the final ten days – slowly work with what is there.


*Skip the period around Wednesday 24th if your former, current or potential partner is your priority. This also applies to enemies, rivals or opponents. Keep life very simple.
*Fantastic possibilities for your house, town, household, country, family or apartment should be snapped up by August 10th. Your luck will continue but changes roll later on.
*Make your way with words or images your absolute priority with the New Moon in the first week and wish for what you do so well – a potent connection with listeners or readers.
*The eclipse near August 18th is best avoided if your priority is foreign people and places, publishing, education, the web or even religion as big-picture subjects are very unclear then.
*The 17th-19th is also unsuitable for your projects, ideas, short journeys and all communication, transportation or information priorities as the eclipse conceals too much.


*Your ruler the Moon is shiny and new in your cashflow, business, company, charity and shopping zone in the first days of August so you will be writing a new chapter in your life.
*The eclipse has a greater impact on you than other signs so be extremely careful at the penumbral lunar eclipse on 18th August when you’re not seeing the full financial story at all!
*Get your projects, ideas and key plans out of the way by August 10th if you can. The stunning opportunities will continue after that date, of course, but for a simple life, wrap it up.
*From Tuesday 30th August your house, family, apartment, town, country or household becomes a happy priority. This complex relationship is part of a wider luck pattern.
*Your people and your place define who you are. Make this your number one priority and prepare for a stunning new beginning in October, helped by changes mid September.


*Relaunch your role, title, brand and/or look this month and remember Leo is the Queen of her younger court – target the generation/s coming up behind you and be their guide.
*You can save or make a fortune now so focus hard on the money, property, possessions, charity or business. Sign off before 10th August as delays, changes occur for weeks after this.
*Do not engage in big judgement calls or action plans involving your former, current or potential partner near the eclipse on Thursday 18th. This also applies to enemies or rivals.
*The period around the 18th is also unsuitable for your Me Agenda as an eclipse conceals too much – move much earlier, in the first week of August if you can – with a New Moon on side.
*Near Wednesday 24th August you will hit unavoidable realities about children, young adults or serious lovers. Take your time and take very good advice – do not rush this.


*Very close to 2nd August you will devote yourself to a big new beginning involving your secret life, inner world, classified information or a role behind the scenes. Pour in energy.
*You are in a fantastic position to fix issues affecting your role, title, reputation brand and look this month with epic good luck and superb timing, but act by August 10th to avoid delays.
*You must live in the real world where your house, family, apartment, household, town and/or country is concerned but be wise and do not add to a situation near 24th August.
*The eclipse period of the 17th-19th is unsuitable for major decisions about your work, lifestyle, unpaid work and particularly your body as an eclipse blots out the picture.
*That eclipse is also unsuitable for what you cover up and hide; what you do with no recognition – or even greater mysteries. Act early and reap the benefits, avoid the 18th.


*Find another time to make choices or take action involving your children, young relatives, godchildren, youth projects – or a serious lover. The 17th-19th is unsuitable.
*You are going to relaunch on a level not possible in 12 years within weeks, and clear signs are there from the closing days of August when you realise your Me Agenda must rule.
*Publishing, multimedia, the internet, short-haul travel, commuting, your telephone and computer cry for expertise and experience. Avoid the 23rd-25th for any dramatic plans.
*Use the opening days of August to write a new chapter on a blank page with your friends, social media, groups and networks. Your timing is right and you can start afresh.
*The eclipse near the 18th will conceal more than it reveals, where the group – and your friends – are concerned so don’t assume or guess then. You’re not seeing a full story.


*Almost as soon as August begins you will have a brand new beginning which alters your CV or your preferred project, role or goal. Nothing will stand in your way at that time.
*The eclipse later on, near the 18th, is unsuitable for career, university or unpaid work decisions as you will not be shown everything you need to see or know, then.
*The New Moon in the opening days of August is the new beginning you need with your paid work, university degree or unpaid work. Try to wrap it up as quickly as you can, by the 10th.
*The 23rd-25th is unsuitable for major new beginnings with your money, house, flat, business, charity, company, shopping or selling as you will have enough to deal with.
*The final days of August show you an amazing behind-the-scenes role which is the gift that goes on giving, for years. Alternatively a secret draws you in. Say yes.


*The 17th-19th needs slow, steady and cautious handling if the internet, travel, foreign people and places, education, academia or your personal beliefs are on your agenda. Check!
*Believe in your friends and believe in the group, as you turn the corner into September. Sincere people power in a committed network will change your life and a part of your world.
*The 23rd-25th shows you the reality of your Me Agenda these days. Don’t add to your image, profile, style, reputation, shape, hair, PR or face plans then. Deal with basic facts.
*The New Moon in early August brings a new beginning for you in another part of the British Isles or abroad. Alternatively someone from a foreign background will open a big new door.
*Sign off major career, university or unpaid work options before August 10th – your luck holds beyond that time, but you will also hit delays and changes. Try to wrap it up soon.


*Your best bet is still with foreign people and places, distant regions in Britain, education, academia, publishing or the internet. Confirm and commit before August 10th if you can.
*Do all you can with a big new financial, property, business, retail or charity beginning early in August and skip the 17th-19th as you will not see the full picture or the whole story.
*You will hit the heights in your chosen field, or quite another, by 2017 partly as a result of the small seeds you sow in the closing days of August. By September you are on your way.
*Near 24th August your ruler Saturn makes a serious point about your secrets; your role behind the scenes; desperately private matters. Deal with what’s there. K.I.S.S.
*Farewell a never-ending chapter involving friends or groups this month and do not look back; you’re not going that way. That was then, this is now, so move on and ditch baggage.


*As August begins, so does a new phase with (or for) your partner. This also applies to former or potential partners. Park this in a good place by the end of the very first week.
*Accept what is real-world about the business of friendship and also the truth about the way groups operate. Don’t add to the story near the 24th as you already have enough to cope with.
*You will make or save a lot of money this month if you snap up solutions or opportunities and act on them before August 10th. Beyond that date there will be delays.
*The eclipse near the 18th is not the time to pass judgement on a former, current or potential partner. This also applies to enemies, rivals or opponents. Skip the 17th-19th.
*Those dates above, which cover the eclipse, are also unsuitable for any action plan or decision affecting your image, brand, personal appearance, title, reputation or profile.


*It’s eclipse time. Give yourself and others more time and space near the 18th as you simply will not see, all you need to see, about a secret, private or confidential matter then.
*You will make or save a fortune over the next 13 months partly thanks to a smart choice you make in the closing days of August. This is just the start; soon you will be on a very big roll.
*Snap up every single opportunity or solution which would dramatically improve the situation with a former, current or potential partner by August 10th. Use it or lose it, Pisces.
*You will see a brand new beginning with work, unpaid work, housework or study in the opening days of August. Wrap it up quickly and park it in a good place if you possibly can.
*Deal with the new realities of your career, university degree, full-time parenting or voluntary work in the final ten days. Get good advice. Don’t add to a situation then.

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