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Project Me Part 1 Progress: 3 stories so far

June 8th 2015 / Katie Robertson Google+ Project Me Part 1 Progress: 3 stories so far / 4 comments


We hear from 3 women who've embarked upon the Project Me Part 1 journey about their health and fitness journey's so far...

On the 27th April Get The Gloss first launched Project Me Part 1, our 12 week guide of expert fitness and nutrition advice designed to give readers a happy, healthy lifestyle overhaul.

Six weeks down the line we wanted to hear how you were getting along and so we reached out and have heard from three very different women from all walks of life about their journey’s and transformation stories thus far.

So, whether you’re just starting out, contemplating whether or not to buy the guide, or half-way through and in need of a motivational boost, here are three personal and powerful testimonies from some real-life Project Bikini followers to give you the oomph you need. Prepare to be inspired.

Karlena Hasse, 19, 1 week completed

“I’ve been doing Project Me for a week now and I’ve already noticed a difference. As soon as you start completing the workouts and eating good, nutritious food then your body just instantly starts to shrink. My whole body feels generally ‘de-puffed’ and I feel stronger and with more defined abs.

“In particular, what I love is that the exercise plan is not too easy and also not too difficult, which means you’re able to stay motivated and energized to do it because you know you’re going to enjoy it - I always feel on a total high after completing one of the workouts.

“The recipes are also really simple and use delicious wholefoods. When I’m not following a specific meal it’s still possible to use the ingredients and general recipes as a guide to cook up lots of different and delicious food!”


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Chloe Walker, 25, 3 weeks completed

“I definitely feel I have more energy after eating clean foods, drinking more water and getting my eight hours of sleep a night. I feel so much better in myself and people have commented how I seem to have more of a sparkle in my eye!

“I’ve also noticed that my fitness level are increasing and that I can now recover more quickly and control my breathing more effectively - which is really rewarding. For the first time I’ve also started to look forward to my next workout and am slowly getting into a routine that works and fits nicely around my work hours. The workouts are so easy and convenient to do at home! It's ideal for my lifestyle.

“I’ve been really enjoying the meals and snacks as they’re all delicious - in particular the cinnamon roasted squash with chicken and turmeric yogurt and the Mexican breakfast are both so yummy! I did find that it was difficult at the beginning to ditch the sugar but now in my third week I can really feel the difference! Three weeks in I’m also starting to get a much better idea about which types of clean foods I can eat, which means I can start to experiment a little with the meal plan to keep it fresh and interesting.”


Jane Godfrey, 40, 5 weeks completed

“I started doing Project Me because a year ago in June 2014 I underwent hip replacement surgery and have also just turned 40 this April, so really felt like I wanted something to work towards - an enjoyable programme that could help me get in shape that I would look forward to doing everyday.

“In particular the meal plans really appealed to me because they came together so well. Often eating healthily means having boring, beige and bland food, which after a few days you just can’t face anymore. However, I’ve found that the Project Me meals are all such simple dishes you would normally eat on a day to day basis using ingredients that you would tend to have in the fridge anyway, which makes it so much easier. The meals all contain such great flavours and spices that make the food so tasty - for example I’m not usually a great lover of omelette, but I tried making the feta and spinach omelette and it’s just totally changed that dish for me - it was delicious. I also really love the turmeric yogurt - I put it on everything!


“I’m currently in week five of the programme and have already really seen a change in the shape of my body. I lost half a stone after just four weeks and my stomach is definitely flatter. I felt really bloated before I started but now I feel lighter, less sluggish and I’m starting to see definition at top of my stomach and more muscles in my arms, shoulders and biceps!

“What’s great about this plan is that it’s there all the time - you’ve always got something to keep working on. I never get tired of reading it - every week I go back and read it all again, reminding myself of all the hints and tips. I really love the way the whole programme is presented - it’s set out in such an inspiring and colourful layout with beautiful pictures that help you stay motivated and make you want to continue.

“If anytime I have felt de-motivated the pictures and the hints and tips have been really helpful and encouraged me to be a bit more creative with my activity. I’ve recently started having golf lessons and also joined a Nordic walking club, which I do on my rest days! It’s also fantastic that the resistance sessions change - so just when you’re getting slightly fed up with the routine a new one comes along, which really helps you to stay inspired and keep going with it. So far though I’ve had such great results and I’m really hoping it will continue in the same way!”


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  • india b
  • June 10th 2015

@Lucy Conway

Hi Lucy,

We are so sorry you have experienced an issue buying the guide. One of our team will be in touch via customerservices@getthegloss.com.

Project Bikini

  • Lucy Conway
  • June 10th 2015

Hi - I tried to buy the programme yesterday - filled in all my details, including my bank account details and nothing happened! I tried emailing you (and calling but the telephone number doesn't work)... help! Thanks!

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