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Project Happy: How Project Me has cured me of my panic attacks

May 16th 2016 / Elizabeth Bennett Google+ Elizabeth Bennett / 0 comment


To mark the start of Mental Health Week, Get The Gloss reader Elif Karlidag shares how following our Project Me guide has freed her from the panic attacks that have troubled her for years

As the ‘Hot, Happy, Healthy’ motto suggests, Project Me is about so much more than looking good in a bikini - although we all know that helps. We were therefore thrilled when an email from Get The Gloss reader Elif Karlidag appeared in our inbox. At week nine of the initial 12-week plan, Elif had not only lost nearly a stone in weight and felt more confident than ever, but most impressively, as a lifelong sufferer of panic attacks, had never felt calmer. Here she shares her journey…

GTG: Why did you decide to give Project Me a try?

EK: I am a regular follower of Get The Gloss and trust their advice so I knew when I received the newsletter launching Project Me I just had to give it a try. I had wanted to lose weight for a while and had tried the 5:2 diet and it certainly wasn't for me - the fast days gave me big headaches and insomnia.

GTG: Could you describe your Project Me journey so far for us?

EK: So far I have lost about 5 kg (11 pounds) but the biggest impact I have noticed has been the mental change. I have been dealing with panic attacks for as long as I can remember but since starting the plan I have found that they have completely disappeared. I don't know if it's the result of clean eating or working out (or maybe the combination of two) but somehow I am no longer suffering from them. Before starting Project Me I had tried several (maybe millions?!) of different ways to free myself of panic attacks from changing my diet to medication, herbs and supplements and nothing has helped me clear my mind like this.


GTG: How does it differ from other workout and nutrition plans you’ve tried in the past and how was it able to address your specific needs?

EK: I think the biggest difference between Project Me and other diets and plans I have tried is how easy it is to follow - once things get a little complicated I just lose interest and give up! The nutrition doesn't involve ridiculously expensive food or complicated recipes and the workouts are super easy to follow. The plan slots very easily into my daily routine and doesn't involve thinking about calories, starving yourself or feeling constantly tired like other plans I have tried. I also love how you receive weekly newsletters - this has really helped me stay on track.

GTG: What are the biggest changes you have noticed in your body and your mind?

EK: Project Me has become more like ‘Project Happy’ for me as I feel happier and calmer since starting the plan. I use to sleep a lot (normally 9-10 hours a day) and still wake feeling tired but now I sleep better and wake up early. I can’t believe I am now a morning person! In terms of physical changes I have found that I have I lost weight mainly from my belly - that's what people have commented about the most. I also have a lot more confidence when I look at the mirror which is a big thing for me.

GTG: What would you recommend to other Project Me newbies?

EK: Yes! Buy it and smile!

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