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Recipe: Signe Johansen's Late-night Miso Ramen

January 31st 2018 / Signe Johansen / 0 comment


A quick and tasty dinner idea when you're strapped for time late at night...

"Rather than diving into a packet of crisps, instant or quick-cook ramen is ideal when you’ve been out late and fancy a bite to eat before bedtime."

Serves 1


150g packet miso ramen noodles(orplainnoodles)

handful of frozen peas, or any vegetables you have lurking in the fridge (carrots, sugarsnap peas, corn, bean sprouts, finely shredded cabbage, courgette, etc.)

1 egg

1tbsp red or brown miso paste (if using plain noodles)

1 fresh green chilli, sliced

1 spring onion, sliced and placed in a bowl of iced water for a few minutes

a generous pinch of black or white sesame seeds

toasted sesame oil, to taste

Japanese dried nori seaweed, to serve (optional)


1. Cook the ramen noodles according to the packet instructions, adding the frozen peas (or whichever veg you opt for) to the pan so they cook at the same time.

2. Cook the egg by poaching it in the broth (whisk it in a bowl first then pour it into the broth or crack it in), boiling it whole in a separate pan, or giving it a quick fry.

3. Add the miso paste to the noodle cooking liquid (if cooking plain noodles) and stir through.

4. Remove from the heat and garnish with the chilli, drained spring onion, sesame seeds, sesame oil and any other toppings you like.

5. The egg goes on last if you cooked it separately, along with the seaweed (if using).


You can really play around with this recipe, adding all manner of ingredients. These work particularly well – assorted pickles, citrus, herbs, mushrooms, kimchi, sriracha sauce, coconut milk or cream, peanut butter and Korean gochujang paste.


Add leftover roast meat such as chicken, shellfish such as prawns, or tofu.

Recipe extracted from SOLO: The Joy of Cooking For One by Signe Johansen, out now.

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