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Sarah Vine: Chanel's new man is the Pitts

October 17th 2012 / Sarah Vine Google+ Sarah Vine / 1 comment


Brad Pitt is a beautiful man, but he's not the right man to sell Chanel's classic No5 perfume in its new commercial. Here's who they should have hired

Full marks to Chanel for using a man in its new advertising campaign for No 5. It’s nice, for once, not to see a perfume advert that involves naked anorexics, wild animals or sub-Fifty Shades of Grey shenanigans.

But Brad Pitt? Really? I mean, he’s a good-looking man and all that, and of course he’s an A-lister; but I’m not sure that he and No 5 are natural bedfellows. No 5 is the grande dame of perfumes. Pitt’s just not interesting enough for her, even if you take into account that he’s married to Hollywood’s queen of weird, Angelina Jolie.

And then there’s the script. Excruciating. Even John Malkovitch or Simon Russell Beale would struggle to pull off a line like: “The world turns, and we turn with it... plans disappear... dreams take over... Chanel No5: inevitable” . For Pitt, who can act, but not beyond a certain point, it’s just too much of an ask.

Mainly, though, the problem is that he’s not sexy enough. He’s too much of a pretty boy. No 5 is all about seduction adventure, mystery. The strong and silent type. And we all know there’s only one man for that particular job: Daniel Craig.

Here's a gratuitous picture of him:


Chanel/Brad Pitt advert update It's cruel, but very, very funny. Sometimes things can be a hit for all the wrong reasons...

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  • Lily
  • October 18th 2012

Just watched the clip and agree - brave that they used a man but too big an ask for any man to deliver those lines. Thank you for the gratuitous picture of Mr Craig - much appreciated. Loving Get the gloss by the way! Bring it on!

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