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The easy Halloween makeup look that looks cool on anyone

October 26th 2018 / Alexandra Harrison / 0 comment


It’s the spooky party look that’s just the right side of glam. GTG’s Alexandra Harrison shares her 5 easy steps to create ‘Glitter Unzipped’ for just £20

Halloween makeup can be fun, inspiring and a chance to go a bit wild. It’s a time when you can stray from your comfort zone and allow your creativity to flourish. But if ‘sexy witch’ just isn’t you and there’s only so ‘horrible’ you want to look, try this super easy ‘Glitter Unzipped’ makeup. I love that it’s equal parts spooky and glam. You can find inspo for this look all over Instagram but here, I’ve simplified it into five easy steps.

Your makeup tool kit:

Step by step guide:

  1. Choose which side of the face you’d like to be ‘unzipped’ and do your makeup as normal on the opposite side. Once this is done, start by measuring out where you want the zip to lie on your face.

  2. Once you’re happy, secure it with some lash glue. You might need to apply some pressure while holding the zip down for a couple of minutes to ensure it stays in place.

  3. Using a dense face brush like this one, pack on MUA Shimmer Highlighting Powder in Twinkling Violet, £3 all over the unzipped section of the face until you have an opaque all over colour.

  4. Using a smaller synthetic brush like this one work in sections painting on the Festival Face Glitter Fix Gel, £2.75 followed immediately with the Festival Face Glitter in Silver Gal, £4 whilst the glitter gel is still wet. Be careful when working around the eye area and use a much smaller brush, picking out the finer particles of glitter.

  5. Once you have an even, all-over base of silver glitter, repeat step 4 over the top with the Festival Face Purple Haze Glitter, £4 until the whole unzipped section of the face is covered and you are happy with the result.

The finished look:


Instagram is a great place for inspiration. I liked these:

zip-face-makeup-1.jpgInstagram @b.a.d.e.e1
zip-face-makeup-2.jpgInstagram @amymack_makeup

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