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The Exfoliator: Extreme skincare survival kit

November 15th 2012 / Ahmed Zambarakji / 0 comment


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Ahmed Zambarakji gives your man a party pass in a prescription of anti-fatigue solutions to see him through even the most insane work hard/play hard schedule

While many men are well aware of the physical and cosmetic consequences that come with end-of-year "festivities", few of us end up partying by half-measures.

Rather than force-feed him Berocca and aspirin in a pathetic attempt to combat the inevitable slew of hangovers, we’ve compiled a selection of industrial-strength grooming products to get your man through the social season without looking (or feeling) as though his internal organs have given up.

These anti-fatigue solutions not only calm the signs of excessive behaviour – ashen and dehydrated skin, random breakouts, puffy eyes – but the formulas are hard-wearing enough to keep up with the most insane work hard/play hard ethic.

Dual Action Shavemud

£19 for 200ml by ESPA;

A mud mask and a rich shaving lotion in one nifty product, this two-in-one solution is ideal for low maintenance guys in need of quick pre-party MOT. Slap on the clay-based formula, let it absorb excess oil and impurities, add water and watch it turn into a luxurious shaving lather. Then shave. Obviously.


Eye Contour Gel for Men by MELVITA

£20 for 15ml from
A natural anti-fatigue formula for the eyes that will swiftly undo any preconceptions he may have about organic products being a bit namby-pamby. This powerful blend of buckwheat wax, caffeine, acacia gum and black elderberry flowers undoes the tell-tale signs of an all-nighter: dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

BB Tinted Moisturiser Broad Spectrum SPF 35 by LAB SERIES

£34 for 50ml from

If he’s had the misfortune to glimpse his own reflection at 3am under the cruel strip lighting of a kebab shop, you may want to treat him to this tinted moisturising "camouflage" cream. Not only does it mask imperfections but it also helps calm shaving-related inflammation and even packs in a hefty SPF 35. The tint adapts to different skin tones which means there’s little room for error (see men and fake tan). Effective without looking too obvious.


Active Energising Concentrate by Shiseido

£51 for 50ml from
Most guys see the word energy on a bottle and assume whatever is in it will work like Red Bull and steroids on their face. Energising formulas, however, have nothing to do with combating the feeling of fatigue and everything to do with cell regeneration. But what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Just make sure he uses this concentrate to help undo the free radical damage from last night’s spontaneous binge.

get-the-gloss-the-exfoliator-shiseido-men-active-energizing-concentrate.jpegCell Dynamic The Essence For Men by NUBO

£200 for 30ml from
An innovative high-tech formula that recycles the skin’s toxic output back into water and oxygen, thereby boosting the skin’s metabolic cycle. This recycling effect will be particularly handy during party season when he’s prone to start sweating pure vodka.

Walnut Complexion Scrub by Ole Henriksen

£26 for 50g from
Tougher than your average face scrub, this super-grainy exfoliator sloughs away dead skin to reveal a fresh layer of untarnished skin. Cosmetic benefits aside, he’ll come to rely on it as a pre-shave prep; the walnut powder releases in-grown hairs and smoothes down the surface of the skin for a considerably less bloody shave.


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