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The Gloss Report: foot care

May 31st 2013


This week the Glossy team put products to the test that deal with the not so glossy issue of dry feet

Micro Pedi Rapid Hard Skin Remover


Price: £39.99

Buy online: www.boots.com

Feedback: "I hate feet, and therefore neglect them as much as possible - but even I have to take measures to make sure my soles are safe to bare come summer. The Micro Pedi is quite possibly my favourite beauty tool ever, for the simple reason that it requires no effort from me yet leaves me with soft feet that appear well-looked after. It looks a little like an electric razor, but instead of blades it has a micro-mineral roller (a blue one that's coarse, and a pink one that's more gentle) which spins at 360 degrees at a rate of 30 times per second. All you have to do with the battery-operated miracle worker is roll it carefully over rough and dry skin and it gives instant results. It’s best to do over a dry bath or even a bin as you’ll see a lot of skin being buffed away, but it’s far easier than having to put some muscle into filing your feet the traditional way. It doesn't hurt in the slightest - in fact it's quite relaxing - and within about ten minutes of gentle rolling my feet are back to their best. I'd never be without it.“

Reviewer: JJ

Score: 10/10

Mavala Hydro Repairing Foot Care


Price: £12

Buy online: www.lookfantastic.com

Feedback: “The packaging of this was quite simple and had a slight old school medicinal look to it. Inside was a leaflet with instructions, and I cleansed and lightly exfoliated my feet with a pumice stone prior to application. The cream has a thick consistency but spreads easily; I applied a moderate amount to my feet, focusing on the heel and sides then put cotton socks on. I repeated this the following night. The result was interesting; my feet looked better and moisturised but they felt worse. I’m going to keep it up to see if it needs a little longer to work its magic.”

Reviewer: IM

Score: 5/10

Diamancel Foot File


Price: £35

Buy online: www.blissworld.co.uk

Feedback: “I have had my Diamancel Foot File for about five years and it is as efficient at turning my winter-weathered trotters into sunny twinkletoes now as it was when I first got it. The queens of smooth soles at the Bliss Spa always use them in-salon and whilst it can be used wet or dry, they use it on dry feet. I recommend you do this over an empty bath, in a dry shower or on a towel as you'll find it creates a cloud of dry skin where the craggy flakes are buffed away (not something you want all over your bathroom floor!) I think rumour has it these files contain diamond particles because of their non-wearing quality. I'm dubious as to whether that's true but what is certain is that I'm heading off on hols with the silkiest of baby-soft soles without booking a pedicure.”

Reviewer: ST

Score: 9/10

Scholl Colour Pop Foot Spa


Price: £30

Buy online: www.debenhams.com

Feedback: “This lightweight and rather bright pink foot spa (tip: probably not one to give the man in your life, colour-wise) is fairly easy to set up. Simply fill with water at the temperature you want, plug in, sit down and dip your feet in. Once switched on the 'massage strips' act as water jets, creating a bubbling jacuzzi-like sensation so you can really sit back and relax. The strips do get a little hot as time goes on, which is perhaps why the instructions tell you not to use the spa for more than 20 minutes; this seems a shame as otherwise you could easily sit through an episode of Corrie while enjoying a massaging sensation, but truth be told the water will cool down fairly quickly and the machine is actually quite noisy, so 20 minutes may be ample time.

"The spa comes with a few attachments; a rolling massager, an acupressure massager and a pumice stone. However as your feet are wet, the pumice stone is a little redundant and not coarse enough to do much for dry skin; best to use this beforehand on dry feet and then hop into the spa. Easy to use, very relaxing and good value, it's a pleasant way to end a busy day but won't do much by way of making over sore and cracked heels; use it as a treat instead after a go with a tougher buffing instrument.”

Reviewer: JJ

Score: 6/10

Champneys Cracked Heel Balm


Price: £8

Buy online: www.boots.com

Feedback: “This cream came in a cute light blue box which was quite traditional looking. It could easily be mistaken for a general moisturiser, not specifically for feet. I cleansed and lightly exfoliated my feet with a pumice stone before I started. The application was very difficult; the cream is so unbelievably thick that it took me more than 20 seconds to squeeze the tiniest amount out of it. I applied a generous amount to my feet (with great difficulty) and found that it doesn't spread very well yet absorbs quite quickly. I threw on some cotton socks and went to bed, then repeated it the following night. The result was a slight softness; there was still a residue of the product on my feet the next morning (be warned, it’s slippery) and my feet did look a lot better. However, the low score is due to the hassle of application being out of proportion to the results.

Reviewer: IM

Score: 4/10

Nails Inc Eaton Dry Skin Exfoliator


Price: £10

Buy online: www.feelunique.com

Feedback: “This product is really pleasant to use and smells great too. After years of running, the soles of my feet have been slightly ruined and so it's difficult for any product to make a huge difference; on average feet I think this would leave the skin far softer than it did for me, though with frequent use it could bring more noticeable results. That said, it did make it much easier for my moisturiser to sink in afterwards because the skin had softened slightly already.

Reviewer: RM

Score: 7/10

Dr Hauschka Rosemary Foot Balm


Price: £15.95

Buy online: www.feelunique.com

Feedback: "This product smells divine and really, really helps to sooth tired and weary feet. Even though it's a balm, it doesn't feel too oily and sinks into the skin beautifully without leaving my feet feeling clammy and clogged with product. Definitely a keeper."

Reviewer: RM

Score: 8/10

Ciate Rich Papaya Foot Renew Lotion


Price: £14

Buy online: www.ciate.co.uk

Feedback: “This glass bottle of clear liquid looks ominous; but the name 'potion' made me think it must be very strong and, hopefully, effective. The simple instructions say to soak cotton wool pads in the liquid and place them on any affected areas - dry skin, callouses etc. I did this with a little trouble; given that the hard skin tends to be on the sole or sides of the feet, I had to be careful to press the pads on as firmly as I could so that they'd stay put without touching any fabric of the chair or towel I was using, since otherwise I found it soaked through and onto the fabric (and away from where it was supposed to be working). It was a bit of a balancing act and I'm not sure I truly benefitted from the ten minutes I left them on, since I had to keep retouching them to ensure they were soaking the skin. It leaves behind a thick, almost greasy residue, and I then used the edge of a file to scrape away at the areas as instructed. How much of what came away was skin and how much was the product I'm not entirely sure; but either way, my feet were left feeling incredibly soft to the touch and looked, if this is possible of feet, quite radiant.”

Reviewer: JJ

Score: 7/10

Margaret Dabbs Superior Foot File


Price: £24

Buy online: www.liberty.co.uk

Feedback: “Designed using ‘Compressed Crystal Technology’, this foot file claims to remove layers of dead skin quickly and easily. To my surprise, it did exactly that. The long stainless steel handle made it incredibly easy to hold and manoeuvre, enabling me to quickly rid my feet of all thickened and calloused skin. The best foot file I've tried, I will definitely be using this on a regular basis.”

Reviewer: SB

Score: 9/10

This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm


Price: £16

Buy online: www.thisworks.com

Feedback: “I’m a bit of a pedicure obsessive - I'm always finding an excuse to get another one booked in, so testing at home products could be the key to keeping my feet happy as well as saving my bank account. This product really does soften that dry skin that tends to build up around your heels, but I have to say I didn’t love the smell - a mix of cotton thistle, lemon and lavender, it was incredibly overpowering. It’s a very thick cream with a heavy, waxy texture, so it feels quite clogging when you’re first rubbing it into your feet. However, it is deeply nourishing and left my feet feeling wonderfully soft and smooth. I don't think it would be great as a quick foot cream to soften the feet before heading out as I felt that it left a residue and took time to soak in properly, but it’s perfect for an overnight treatment. I’d recommend using a thick layer before popping some socks on for an intensive moisturising treatment so that you wake up with super soft feet."

Reviewer: SM

Score: 7/10

Nails Inc Bond Street Mexican Lime Foot Cream


Price: £11

Buy online: nailsinc.com

Feedback: My feet were left super soft and refreshed after using this cream, which was lightweight yet nourishing. It sank into my skin quickly ensuring that I wasn’t left with the greasy residue that I’ve found to be the case with many other lotions I’ve used in the past. I wasn’t quite keen on the smell though, which reminded me of washing up liquid; I also found that more than the recommended pea size amount was needed to sufficiently moisturise my tired tootsies. However, after increasing the amount used, I noticed that even after one application, my feet were left supple, revitalised and smooth.

Reviewer: AM

Score: 8/10

Margaret Dabbs Foot Oil


Price: £20

Buy online: www.liberty.co.uk

Feedback: “Despite the fact that my feet are very dry I usually avoid proper footcare purely because I hate the idea of applying a thick foot lotion and waiting for it to dry. Although I was reluctant to try this product (for that very reason) I’m so glad I did. The oil itself feels super luxurious on the skin and dries almost instantly. Even after one use my feet felt incredibly nourished and looked better than ever (even after salon pedicures!). I cannot recommend this enough - it's superb!”

Reviewer: SB

Score: 10/10

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