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The Gloss Report: hair removal

May 10th 2013 / 4 comments


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Summer sunshine means more skin is on show and hot fuzz is not an option. The Glossy Posse test out the best hair removal methods on the market

As overjoyed as we are to welcome weather worthy of skin-baring, we’ve already noticed a few unforgivable follicular faux pas (think short shorts and fuzzy legs). In a bid to get everyone smooth-limbed and bikini-ready the Glossy Posse have tested the creme de la creme in at-home hair removal. Whether you're targeting body or facial hair, after instant results or long-term effects we have all bases covered so that one and all can be perennially glossy.

Short term hair removal

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor With Shower Holder


Price: £5.49

Buy online:

Feedback: “In my experience Venus has always been superior to other razor brands that I've used and this latest offering is definitely my favourite so far. When wet, the Olay Moisture Bars are activated which releases a light lather that conditions the skin. This resulted in a super smooth, quick and easy shave with zero nicks and cuts. It actually made shaving a more enjoyable experience; I would happily say it was the best razor I've tried.”

Reviewer: SB

Score: 10/10

No7 Compact Trimmer


Price: £14.99

Buy online:

Feedback: “A compact trimmer is theoretically a great gadget to have as it’s small and removes unwanted hair from the eyebrows, bikini line and any other strays in seconds. That said, I wasn’t very impressed with this one.

“The trimmer itself comes with a plastic attachment which you are supposed to place over the electric razor. Unfortunately, the trimmer didn’t work at all when it had the attachment on, which means I had to use the trimmer minus the attachment and that did feel a little harsh on the skin. It did remove unwanted hair, but that was after going over the same area quite a few times. The gadget itself is also rather noisy (it’s battery operated) which means discrete trimming is definitely out of the question. My search for a great compact trimmer continues.”

Reviewer: SB

Score: 4/10

Veet Face Precision Wax & Care


Price: £8.49

Buy online:

Feedback: “I particularly liked the size of the strips included in the pack which allowed me to pinpoint the facial areas that I wanted to target more easily, and the cream was particularly soothing post-wax. The only thing that let it down in my view was that it was quite hard to tell how much wax I needed to apply and it took a few tries to get all of the hairs in one patch. Good, but more guidance is needed to ensure that you have a smooth, hair-free finish.”

Reviewer: ARM

Score: 6.5/10

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Power Cream


Price: £3.34 (RRP £6.69)

Buy online:

Feedback: “Hair removal is always a pain for me and my sensitive skin as even shaving cream can irritate my legs, so I was keen to give this cream a go. The name suggests it's quite exotic, and the word ‘clay’ made me expect a natural, grey-looking product but I was surprised to find that when I went to smooth it on my legs it was just a thick, white cream - much like any other hair removal cream I've tried. I have to say this was a little disappointing; the idea of a mud or clay was a lot more appealing and I’m not sure where the name is relevant.

“However, it does have a lovely rich consistency which means it not only feels good as you apply it but it easily coats shorts hairs with minimal fuss. The second surprise with this cream is that you're supposed to step into the shower while it's on, yet 'avoid excessive exposure to water' while it works. This seemed impractical to me as it started to wash off slightly, so instead I stepped back out and allowed it to work for five minutes (it says to test after three minutes but it wasn't ready). Using the spatula I then removed the cream and rinsed off with tepid water to minimise irritation and was left with impressively soft and fuzz-free pins. I did have a few tingles in my skin after application - but not during, oddly - but I used a calming moisturiser and there was no reaction to speak of. As with most of these types of products, the smell isn't particularly nice but you only have to put up with it for five minutes - well worth the pong.”

Reviewer: JJ

Score: 7/10

Veet Face Hair Removal Kit


Price: £5.49

Buy online:

Feedback: “One word. Ouch. This product was supposedly suitable for sensitive skin, and given that my skin isn’t particularly reactive I assumed that I wouldn’t have too many problems. I assumed wrong. The hair-removal cream works close to the root of the follicle and is developed for use on the upper lip, cheeks and chin. To be honest, I’d be scared to put it anywhere after my experience!

“I applied the hair removal cream to my upper lip with the supplied spatula and left it to work its depilatory duties for the recommended five minutes. I removed with water and wiped off the excess with a baby wipe, before applying the finishing cream. This is when the burn began. I assumed that doing a patch test with the ‘gentle’ finishing cream would be unnecessary, but foiled again. I tried to rinse it off but unfortunately it had already sunk in and I was left with a red, angry upper lip. My thoughts are that five minutes is too long to leave the cream to develop - I would say three minutes at most unless you want a bumpy, inflamed and slightly numb result. I would also recommend skipping the finishing cream and using a simple moisturiser designed for sensitive skin (see Judy’s Sense and Sensitivity column for excellent recommendations). The good news - it gets rid of hair. The bad news - the severe skin reaction made me think that a lady moustache might have been preferable.”

Reviewer: AH

Score: 1/10

Nair Gentle & Effective Brazilian Spa Clay Body Wax Strips for Legs, Body & Bikini


Price: £3.34

Buy online:

Feedback: “The clear instructions that came with this product were particularly useful for someone who is a novice to this method of hair removal. It thankfully wasn’t as painful as I had anticipated; however, it did miss some hairs which meant that I needed to go over the same area a few times. That being said, I would definitely use it again.”

Score: 8/10

Reviewer: ARM

Long term hair removal

Braun Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator


Price: £129.99

Buy online:

Feedback: “Having never epilated before, I found that the instructions provided with this were clear and easy to follow. Although quite painful, the results were very impressive and I haven’t needed to shave for a good couple of weeks. I especially liked the handy Smartlight which ensured that I could clearly see where the hairs were located so that I didn’t miss any. I will certainly be using this again.”

Reviewer: ALM

Score: 9/10

Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL Hair Removal System


Price: £449.99

Buy online:

Feedback: “The Philips Lumea is an IPL hair removal system for face and body which claims to result in hair shedding naturally and hair regrowth being inhibited after repeated use.

“I was initially surprised by the price but once you use the Lumea it’s easy to see its appeal. It’s pain-free and very quick to use. Requiring only one treatment every two weeks you simply have to shave the targeted area, put the Lumea on the appropriate setting for your hair and skin colour (all of which is simply explained in the manual) and then ‘zap yourself’ wherever you wish to banish hair for good. It really is as easy as that. After four bi-weekly treatments I was left with hair-free skin and now just need to do a top-up treatment as and when necessary (which isn’t often).”

“I would highly recommend the Lumea although it is important to note that, as with other light-based treatments, Philips Lumea is not effective on red, light-blonde or white/grey hair or very dark skin.”

Reviewer: SB

Score: 10/10

Gillette Venus Naked Skin


Price: £449.99

Buy online:

Feedback: “Intense Pulsed Light, a triple figure price tag and a fortnightly treatment plan calendar were enough to induce the fear factor, but the prospect of a fuzz-free future was hugely motivating, and I am pleased to report that this wonder machine didn’t hurt AT ALL. I’m a waxing wimp and epilator averse due to an embarrassingly low pain threshold, so a hair removal system that is both painless and potentially permanent gets my vote.

“The Gillette Venus Naked Skin uses IPL technology to target the melanin in dark hair, disabling hair growth and so over time preventing hair from reaching the skin’s surface. It was incredibly simple to operate, although sitting in my pants and sunglasses (the light is BRIGHT) slathering myself in the cooling V Activating Gel was not one my foxiest moments. The gel is designed to enable the light to transfer to the hair follicle with ease, and also to help you track your treatment areas, although for tracking purposes it may have been better if it was coloured as opposed to transparent (just to make me look even cooler). If treating your legs, I’d set aside a good forty minutes, although the treatment is quite therapeutic and the fact that it is only a fortnightly process makes the extra time spent worth it. The manufacturers recommend 6-12 treatments, with additional treatments every two months after this to maintain silky smooth limbs and armpits. A word of warning - the Gillette Venus Naked Skin is only suitable for light to medium skin tones and dark hair colours.”

Reviewer: AH

Score: 8/10

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  • April 27th 2016

I’d recommend the epilator electric Karmin ;)

  • julia
  • January 20th 2016

Best I have ever used is the Karmin ♥

  • Nancy
  • June 9th 2015

I personally love my Karmin!

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