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The Gloss Report: Night creams

November 28th 2013 / 1 comment


This week the Gloss team test out the ten best night creams to see which ones create radiance on the morning after the night before...

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser


Price: £42

Buy online:

Feedback: “As soon as I find a new skincare brand that I love, I naturally want every product in their range. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare is no exception to this rule! This is a luxurious night cream which is packaged in an elegant dark jar with pink labelling, so it looks beautifully chic on the dressing table. The cream itself is rich but very buttery and light in texture, so not heavy on the skin at all. I wasn’t a fan of the smell in the jar, but as soon as I applied it and massaged it into my skin the essential oils that are used really get to work in creating a gorgeous aroma of neroli, lavender, rose and mandarin – a perfectly calming scent to relax with before going to sleep.

"Best of all, it didn’t leave my skin feeling heavy or greasy; it melts into the skin effortlessly, leaving it feeling very pampered, soft, smooth and hydrated. I really saw a difference after a week of using it in my nightly regime - my skin seemed a revitalised and adequately moisturised with a healthier glow. It is definitely a night cream to invest in if you want deep hydration without the heaviness.”

Reviewer: SM

Score: 10/10

Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream


Price: £105

Buy online:

Feedback: “I have to be honest I’m not the biggest fan of night creams. I feel that we shouldn’t really be overloading our skin at a time when it’s meant to be rejuvenating and repairing itself. If I apply them too near my eyes, they tend to make them puffy (I avoid eye creams at night for the same reason), which is never good when all I want is to look rested come morning.

“I do like the Omorovicza products which are made using Hungarian healing waters, but I’m afraid I’m not a huge fan of this night cream. I loved the smell (to me it smells of almonds which I love - but avoid if you are not a fan of marzipan), but didn’t love the texture, which left my skin slightly tacky rather than silky. Come morning? I don’t really have much to report, which is sort of how I feel about this product. It just didn’t have that skincare wow factor. I have also come out in small spots this week (unusual for me), and whilst I can’t be certain it’s down to this cream, I’m afraid I have stopped using it anyway.”

Reviewer: ST

Score: 5/10

Elemis Pro Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream


Price: £95

Buy online:

Feedback: “I’m usually a bit put off by night creams as they can be thick and heavy on the skin. This Elemis cream however is very luxurious - it’s not too thick and sinks into the skin effortlessly without leaving it feeling greasy or oily. It has definitely left my skin feeling more nourished; I wake up in the morning with a certain radiance that implies my skin is far better hydrated. After just a week of use my skin seems a little firmer, and very smooth to the touch though my frown lines are still very much sticking around. The redness in my cheeks has also calmed down, leaving an even and healthier looking complexion. The only downside is it is very pricy so I’m not sure I can justify buying another pot – it’s a good job a little goes a long way!”

Reviewer: KM

Score: 8/10

Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Triple Active Night Treatment


Price: £47

Buy online:

Feedback: "This night treatment claims to combine three multifunctional night creams into one jar. It's formulated with multiple active ingredients to help resurface skin's texture, even skin tone and repair the appearance of photo damage. It also claims to helps to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improves skin's elasticity, and helps firm and tone overnight.

“Thankfully I don't really have any lines or wrinkles (just yet) but I definitely noticed the difference in my skin within just a few days of using this excellent night cream. It really has worked wonders at creating a more even skin tone with a smoother texture as well as leaving my skin very radiant. Possibly the most transformative product I've tried - my only negative feedback would be that, while not overpowering in scent, the product isn't exactly fragrant."

Reviewer: NB

Score: 9/10

Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Night Cream


Price: £60

Buy online:

Feedback: “I’m a big fan of night cream, perhaps because I’m a tad lazy with my skincare routine (don’t shoot me), so the thought of slapping something on before I go to sleep and letting it work its magic while I’m in the land of nod sounds right up my street. The Youth Liberator range which contains Glycanactif, a patented combination of three glycans, promises to enhance the youthful properties of the skin which immediately helps to nourish the skin with moisture and make the skin appear more radiant overnight.

"This product feels silky, smooth and smells glorious; it glides on the skin like a dream and it doesn’t feel too heavy - but while it feels great, the results are a little disappointing. Despite its lightweight formula it’s still fairly rich, but other than moisturising away any dryness it didn’t change my skin’s appearance whatsoever. I also didn’t feel that sense of nourished skin that I’d expect with a night cream, though perhaps that’s due to the light texture; not a bad product at all, but there are certainly similar products out there with a smaller price tag.”

Reviewer: LW

Score: 6/10

Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturiser


Price: £35

Buy online:

Feedback: “This week’s Gloss Report was always going to throw up a few conundrums. Does your skin really know it’s nighttime? Is it actually going into R&R overdrive? Do we really need to feed it special nightfood and can you reasonably expect to wake up fresh-faced and renewed? The answer to all of the above is probably not, but extra time spent slathered in moisturiser without skin barriers such as SPF and make-up has to count for something. With all of this in mind I approached the ‘Turnaround’ aspect of this moisturiser with apprehension, but I was pleasantly surprised by the cream’s performance in terms of smoothing and plumping powers. I didn’t feel that it was particularly exfoliating, despite the skin sloughing ingredients that promised to ‘brighten’, however the fact that it’s oil-free and hydrating makes it ideal for combination skins such as mine. I didn’t perceive any superpowers, just an effective injection of moisture without any overpowering fragrance or stickiness. I’d say it’s perfect for somewhat parched twentysomethings.”

Reviewer: AH

Score: 7/10

Chanel La Nuit de Chanel


Price: £60

Buy online:

Feedback: “Dark, sleek and chic, this silky elixir is about as sexy as night treatments get. You could mistake it for a fragrance bottle, and it certainly smells delicious, but don’t underestimate its performance powers. Forming the nocturnal component of Chanel’s skincare trilogy (there’s a Chanel unction for all times bien sûr- namely Le Jour and Le Weekend), it promises to soothe, moisturise and ‘recharge’ the skin. I rubbed it on in a somewhat blasé manner for a week or so, not expecting miracles. After a few days, I was taken aback by my own face. Pores and spots had shrunk, texture was velvety and refined and I looked a LOT fresher. Perhaps it was the hyaluronic acid, perhaps it was the light, fresh, non-clogging formulation or peut-être a sprinkle of Coco Chanel magique. Whatever it was, I’m hooked, which could be a problem given the price tag. Dear Santa…”

Reviewer: AH

Score: 10/10

Clarins Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Cream


Price: £43.00

Buy online:

Feedback: “I heard a lot of positive things about this Clarins night cream before I tried it with most people hailing it as ‘eight hours sleep in a jar’- quite a tough bar to set. Essentially this little pot of wonder acts as an intensive anti-stress treatment that works the ‘night-shift’ on your skin, when it is supposedly most receptive to renewal. In doing so the cream seeks to restore natural tone, elasticity and radiance for a more youthful appearance in the morning. Quite frankly it ticks every one of those boxes - I absolutely loved this night cream. It had a really fresh, clean scent and absorbed into my skin easily with no greasiness (common problem with night creams) and best of all in the morning my skin appeared more awake than I did! I also suffer from quite dry skin in these cold winter months but after just a few days of usage, my skin was smooth supple and baby-bottom soft.”

Reviewer: KR

Score: 10/10

REN Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream


Price: £32

Buy online:

Feedback: “"REN's no-frills skincare is quickly taking over my dressing table and as someone who reacts to fragrance, only the truly sensitive will understand how thrilling it is to use creams that don't smell of absolutely nothing yet are completely trustworthy. This night cream fits that bill; a pump bottle (big plus - I hate scooping out creams from jars and it's less likely to become contaminated) with a cream-coloured formula, it's packed full of vitamin C, phytosterols from camellia and wheatgerm to restore and soothing frankincense which gives the lotion its beautifully gentle aroma.

"Lightweight yet nourishing, the cream sinks into skin in a matter of seconds and doesn't leave a sticky residue so you can avoid the hair-on-pillow-stuck-to-face situation. In the morning my skin felt well moisturised, incredibly smooth and looked visibly brighter - dullness is diminished and I can feign a full eight hours sleep despite burning the candle at both ends. It's a little pricier than I'd like for the 50ml tube and sometimes tricky to dispense from the pump, but worth every penny."

Reviewer: JJ

Score: 9/10

Decléor Aroma Night Beauty Cream Wrinkle Firmness


Price: £55

Buy online:

Feedback: “I’m a big fan of Decléor products and so I had high hopes for this night cream which claims to firm, smooth and de-wrinkle mature skin types. It smelt lovely, sank in very quickly and left it feeling smooth afterwards.

“The only downsides were that my skin didn’t feel as hydrated in the morning compared to when I’ve used other products and after continued use, my face didn’t feel as firm as the claims would have you believe. It is certainly a lovely night time treat before you go to bed, just don’t expect it to provide the solution to a sagging jowl line.”

Reviewer: NM

Score: 7/10

Darphin Ideal Resource Overnight Cream Anti-ageing Perfecting Skincare Treatment


Price: £52

Buy online:

Feedback: “Darphin is one of those brands that usually just ‘gets’ my skin. I like nothing better than a Friday night pampering session using their Hydrating Kiwi Mask in particular for a bit of a skin-quenching boost, which is why it pains me to say that I did not like this product.

“It smelt wonderful and the glass pot reminded me of the skin goodies that I would find on my mum’s dressing table as a child (I could always look, but NEVER touch). Unfortunately after a few days of use, I noticed that I was breaking out in spots. I thought I’d persevere to see if it was just something that my skin was getting out of its system. Sadly, it was not and I had to stop using it after a week. Sad times in our otherwise happy relationship. Hopefully, we can work through it - but this is one thing we will never agree on.”

Reviewer: AM

Score: 4/10

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