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The Gloss Report: Spot treatments

October 25th 2013 / 0 comment


The Glossy Posse put the best spot treatments to the test

Spa Find Dermabalance Spot Treatment


Price: £11.60

Buy online:

Feedback: “There's something about this little brown bottle that looks medicinal, and once you've broken a nail or two in order to get inside it smells it, too. Once shaken up (pre-opening) the creamy coloured liquid is thickened slightly; it looks like pancake batter so isn't particularly appealing but in the context of spot-fighting, I'll give anything a go. It works overnight and claims to beat angry spots into submission using the likes of sulphur, camphor and menthol oil (anti bacterial and anti inflammatory) as well as soothing chamomile. Dotting it on my brand spanking new, raging red spot with a cotton bud, I looked a bit of a fright; it dries a dark creamy colour and so I wouldn't use it unless you have your bed to yourself. Ignoring the slightly unpleasant scent I nestled down to sleep and awoke to rinse it off and find the redness reduced, making it far easier to conceal. A week's worth of use hasn't got rid of the blighter but it's almost gone, and has been less of an eyesore than it usually would. A keeper, but I hope for my nails' sake they update the packaging to a pipette or applicator in the not so distant future!”

Reviewer: JJ

Score: 7/10

Truly Matte Blemish Control SOS Treatment


Price: £18.50

Buy online:

Feedback: "These little vials of spot-zapping potion are a brilliant idea from Clarins. They contain Witch Hazel, White Nettle and Wintergreen which are meant to help reduce redness and dry out spots and blemishes. What I love about them is that the product is dispensed by a metal roller ball so is icy cold against skin - a very soothing sensation when you have a pulsating monster on your chin. The package also comes with two applicators, so you can keep one in your bathroom and one in your handbag for on-the-go pimple zapping and maximum results. Do they actually work? I think so. I have used the rollerballs on small blemishes in the last month and I'm sure it has sent them packing faster than they would have gone naturally, and the redness that spots leave behind has been minimised too. I probably wouldn't recommend for more stubborn or bothersome acne however, for that I suggest you contact your GP or a proper dermatologist."

Reviewer: ST

Score: 7/10

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel


Price: £14

Buy online:

Feedback: “Given that I picked this little green tube of genius as my ‘lifesaving’ product in honour of Get The Gloss’ first birthday, it goes without saying that this spot treatment gel knocks the socks off the competition in terms of blemish busting as far as I’m concerned. It tingles on application yet doesn’t make your eyes water, and every time I apply it to a red, angry eruption by morning the blemish battleground is significantly and noticeably cleared. It doesn’t make zits disappear altogether, but it fights a noble battle to shrink them and reduce inflammation. I’ll probably be buying this for the rest of my life and if Clinique ever discontinue I’ll be on the warpath.”

Reviewer: AH

Score: 10/10

Garnier Pure Active Roll On


Price: £7.99

Buy online:

Feedback: “Luckily I only get the odd spot every month (touch wood!) but when I do they are usually those unsightly angry red ones that just cant be covered up. This product was brilliant at instantly soothing and cooling the area down. Its cooling effect dried the spot up overnight which reduced the inflammation and redness slightly. Unfortunately it didn't leave me with a perfectly clear complexion but it’s a definite step towards giving them a shorter life span! The roll-on applicator is ever so easy to use and the clear gel-like formula calms the skin, without leaving a sticky residue afterwards.”

Reviewer: SM

Score: 7/10

Eve Lom Dynaspot


Price: £22

Buy online:

Feedback: "Remember those (black) heady teenage days when applying toothpaste to a zit seemed like the most economical, minty fresh and multi-tasking solution to all of your spotty woes? Until you woke up the following morning with a sticky, crusty chin and no reduction in blemish size whatsoever. Huge apologies to the normally wonderful Eve Lom, but this product reminded me of Colgate-gate. Designed with ‘a universal skin-tone tint’, your boyfriend/ family/ bathroom mirror might get a shock after applying Dynaspot; it surely cannot blend with many skintones out there.

"I’ll leave the superficial behind and get onto the nitty gritty: product formulation. Texture-wise this spot treatment is oddly watery, so I found applying it to a localised blemish akin to nailing jelly to a wall; it ran all over my nose and then travelled further to my chin. I couldn’t help feeling that the liquid-like consistency of the paste must dilute its acne attacking powers, and sure enough, despite continual use, it didn’t remarkably reduce breakouts. It also smells quite sulphuric. Another bedfellow detractor. Although it boasts a host of spot-fighting ingredients, including salicylic acid tea tree oil and zinc oxide, I also discovered that this product contains thickeners known to block pores and plant oils and extracts that can cause further irritation to breakout-prone skin. I can’t say that my spots got any worse during use, but unfortunately I can’t claim that they calmed down either.

Reviewer: AH

Score: 3/10

Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot Cream


Price: £10.50

Buy online:

Feedback: “So this week I was trying out the Vichy Hyaluspot cream and as ‘luck’ would have it I did have a couple of blemishes that needed tackling. Using hyaluronic acid this little tube claims to fight the appearance of spots and protect the skin from future blemishes by creating an invisible-like film on the surface of the skin to shield imperfections. It certainly was nice and easy to apply with its angled applicator, and unlike typical spot gels it was a non-sticky, fresh consistency so I wasn’t going to bed feeling too glued down by products. The one issue I did have though was that as the protective film was forming it created a strong tingling/itchy sensation on my skin that left me with an overwhelming desire to quickly scrape the stuff off my face - not really the desired reaction. In the morning I did notice that larger blemishes had decreased slightly but I can’t really say that it dramatically reduced the general marks or blemishes on my skin. A simple, clean product but with the itchiness and lack of overwhelming results, I’m not entirely convinced.”

Reviewer: KR

Score: 6/10

Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy


Price: £15

Buy online:

Feedback: “It’s come to that time of year where summer ends and winter shows its face again, and with it comes cold nights, dark mornings, and my bad skin. I’m not sure if it’s the change in temperature but I find that almost every winter I’m on the lookout for a product that helps me say goodbye to my horrible new friends. That’s why when I tried Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy, I thought I’d found the answer, but sadly I was wrong. I found that because it is a powder the product doesn’t stay on the pimple, and though the colour was spot on for my complexion (which doesn’t take a lot because I’m the palest of the pale), it left my normally oily skin super dry, and a powdery mess. Their active ingredient of sulphur is antibacterial but this only irritates my skin; it’s definitely not for me and did nothing to get my skin back to its best.”

Reviewer: LW

Score: 2/10

La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I. Targeted Breakout Corrector


Price: £9.50

Buy online:

Feedback: “A great product providing impressive results, this blemish buster does to an angry spot what a nice cup of tea does for me at the end of a hard day. Non-comedogenic with a lovely fluid yet creamy texture, it helped dry out and gradually diminish my angry monthly flair ups and was gentle on the surrounding skin too. A great little pint-sized skin saver that I’ll certainly be popping into my handbag for future use.”

Reviewer: AM

Score: 9/10

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