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Does your beauty tool pass the Netflix test?

April 9th 2019 / Emma North / 0 comment


From at-home microneedling to the hottest facialist-designed nano-current skin booster, facial tools are having a moment. And the ones we love most are sofa-and-boxset-friendly. Here's our pick

At-home facial tools are more in demand than ever, with Net-A-Porter reporting sales up by 189 per cent in 2018. According to NAP's Global Beauty Director Newby Hands, the most in-demand are gizmos that pass the 'Netflix test' the easier they are to use, the more we love them and the more we stick to using them.

The site has seen a surge in demand for tools and masks with collagen-boosting and acne calming LED lights often in combination with microcurrent, which are able to deliver almost facialist-level benefits from your sofa (although the intensity is less than you'd get in a salon administered by a professional). The tech-free beauty tool category is keeping pace, with the trend for crystals in beauty leading the charge for traditional tools such as gua sha and jade roller.

Switch on Our Planet, Stranger Things, You, Dirty John, whatever takes your fancy and get tooled up, with NAP's top 10 at-home tools, both manual and tech.

The best tech-free facial tools to boost your complexion

Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Facialift, £28


If you can't make it to her Sarah Chapman Skinesis Clinic in London, you can recreate the effects of her expert facials at home with this lymphatic drainage roller. It may look like a bit medieval, but the stimulating nodules of this facial massager are a great way of reducing puffiness, aiding lymphatic drainage and releasing facial tension.

Nurse Jamie’s Uplift Massage Roller, £56


Featuring tourmaline quartz pieces set into the barrel, this facial massager acts as a workout for your face and stimulates blood flow to give an uplifted appearance to the skin. Easy and effortless to do in front of the telly on a quiet night in.

Nannette De Gaspé’s Art of Noir Roller Noir, £35


Microneedling needn't mean a trek to the dermatologist, you can create a lighter version of it at home. Roll the tool lightly over clean skin, it creates micro-traumas to the epidermis and it kick starts the skin into repair mode. It's an effective treatment for fine lines – be careful and start lightly.

Angela Caglia’s Le Vie en Rose Face Roller, £45


Using crystals for facial massage can reduce puffiness and increase circulation to the face. Pop this rose quartz roller in the fridge overnight to give a lovely cooling sensation in the morning. Roll over your face on top of serums or moisturisers or use upward strokes in the evening with your night skincare to improve lymphatic drainage after a long day.

Kora Organics Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor, £53


If you like more of a Chinese-medicine inspired gua sha press-stroking treatment to improve circulation, try the smooth curves of this heart-shaped tool which contour easily into different parts of the face. Use upward and outward firm strokes in the morning with your favourite serum for a quick way to reduce puffy morning face and bring an instant glow.

The best-selling high-tech facial devices

Ziip Beauty Device & Golden Conductive Gel Duo, £425


This nifty new device from world-renowned facialist Melanie Simon syncs with an app and uses electrical nanocurrents to stimulate the facial muscles to improve elasticity and firmness. This particular one comes with a conductive gel (RRP £110), which also helps the Ziip gadget glide easily across the skin without dragging.

Dr Dennis Gross’s SpectraLite EyeCare Pro, £175


Collagen boosting LED lights are the key technology of this facial gizmo. It specifically targets the fine lines of the eye area and it's designed to be used for just three minutes a day.

Nurse Jamie’s TriAngle Facial Tool, £125


The high-frequency sonic technology triangular-shaped tool is designed to massage as well as improve the skin's ability to absorb product. Use with a hydrating moisturiser to improve radiance and glow. It can be used also with a heated function.

BeGlow’s Tia: All-in-One Sonic Skin Care System, £199


An all-in-one tool that works your facial muscles. For use during cleansing or applying skincare, it is completely waterproof. Adjust the pulsations to make for an energising morning routine or adapt to slower pulses for a soothing facial massage.

NuFace’s Trinity Facial Toning Kit, £315


This award-winning toning device from NuFace uses microcurrent to firm and lift the skin. Ensure you're using upward strokes to deliver an uplifting effect and using the conductivity gel primer that comes with this kit.

What's your favourite beauty device? Tell us in the comments below.

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