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We're asking: “Am I too old to have it all off down there?”

October 9th 2017 / 2 comments


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Is there such a thing as age-appropriate bikini waxing? We want to know what you think

Q: I’ve been ‘fully plucked’ for the best part of eight years now. I came a bit late to the waxing party at 40 and instantly loved not just the tidiness of it but the sensuality of it during sex – as did my husband, who has come to expect it (in a good way, he looks forward it). To be honest, I thought most people did it these days - until I got talking to a friend recently who is 30. She mentioned that she’d stopped waxing ages ago. It made me wonder whether I should still be going for my monthly Hollywood. I don’t feel too old now, but how will I feel when I’m 50? Or will my therapist be whipping off my white hairs when I’m 80?

"The waxing discussion is a bit like the, “how often do you have sex?” question. You never know if your friends are giving you a totally honest answer. In my view, it’s a personal decision, and for me going bare down there, even when you are older, is more attractive than a big bush. But I’d love to know what everyone else thinks.

Thanks, Louise

NOW OVER TO YOU! What’s your view on waxing, how much, how often, if ever?

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  • Elizabeth
  • October 13th 2017

I'm 49 and I keep myself nice 'n tidy down there and I plan to do so until I drop off my perch - I'm a bit offended by the suggestion that we should take less care of ourselves aesthetically just because we're getting older. Should we also paint our nails less, style our hair less, whiten our teeth less, wax our legs less and eat our greens less once we're past our fertile prime?

  • Ann-Louise
  • October 10th 2017

As a 50 year old, I'm not too sure why it should be different from a 30 year old...I'm still going with occasional Hollywoods, so it the bush changes like the seasons. When it's white, I might be more drastic and go for permanent winter. But does it EVER stop growing??

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