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The undercut has a bad hair day

June 1st 2012 / 3 comments


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This dangerous look can be razor sharp, think Alice Dellal in the Chanel ad, but as seen on Cher Lloyd and Sarah Harding it can, in some instances, simply look like you're trying too hard

The undercut (shaving the underside of your hair and keeping the top long) is a controversial beauty statement for any woman. Shaving off our very symbol of femininity and health hints at a more daring, dangerous personality lurking beneath a shiny façade.

Girls who are genuinely outré, such as model Alice Dellal who appears draped in pearls in this season’s Chanel campaigns, really own this trend. Since having her hair undercut, she has propelled this grungy trend on to the pages of Vogue over the last few years. But then again there are more mainstream popsters such as X Factor’s Cher Lloyd and Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding, both of whom have had a run-in with the razor of late. Fortunately for Dellal, this doesn't diminish her cool factor, but just makes the others look like they're trying a tad too hard.

GTG is wondering what will happen when the undercut grows out and is two inches long. We can highly recommend L'Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Supreme Hold Hairspray, £4.99 ( to flatten the inevitable spikiness.

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  • Grace
  • September 30th 2012

I'm sorry but Mduser is the only one that sounds insecure here - get a sense of humour!! It's a health and beauty website - of course they're going to comment on beauty trends! Great website btw - smart, informative, funny and entertaining!

  • Emma
  • August 2nd 2012

Very good point Mduser Mduser, it's up to everyone to decide for themselves. I think Kiran just felt the undercut was a bit unconvincing on cheesy pop stars whose images are so closely managed - maybe they should have gone for the fake undercut instead (see her piece on Miley Cyrus!)

  • mduser
  • June 23rd 2012

I find this post a bit – sad. Who is the person that decided that only “certain” people could pull off a look. Isn’t style an individual expression of who you are and what you feel?
Its funny how we feel that a certain aspect of a look can only go with a certain type of girl when in reality the question is – who the shit made that rule?

Its too bad people feel they have to put limits on other peoples self expression based on their own personal insecurities and limits.

Just appreciate beauty in every one and stop judging.

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