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Want to read a foundation guide like no other? Right this way...

March 11th 2016 / Ayesha Muttucumaru Google+ Want to read a foundation guide like no other? Right this way... / 1 comment


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Ayesha Muttucumaru introduces the new GTG e-guide written to help those with olive, brown and black skin tones find their perfect foundation match. Here’s why this industry first needs to be your next must-read

If you’ve got olive, brown or black skin and ever struggled to find your perfect foundation match, you’re not alone; in the past, finding ranges that cater for those with deeper skin tones has been a notoriously difficult and dispiriting task. However, the landscape of our makeup counters is finally changing. And about time too.

While my Not Fair column for Get The Gloss may have been inspired by my initial frustration with the beauty industry and its reluctance to cater for my skin tone as comprehensively as it did for my lighter skinned friends, I’m happy to report that the subject is no longer as black and white as it used to be. With brands steadily diving into the deep end to add a touch of diversity to their foundation ranges, there’s been no better time than now to start shopping.

So, where’s best to start when it comes to exploring what’s on offer and finding your perfect match? Three words: Our new e-guide.

A collection of everything that I’ve learned over the years about all things base control (both as a makeup loving teen and career as a beauty journalist), I wanted to write this e-guide to create a comprehensive go-to handbook for enhancing, rather than masking, darker skin tones and help those who have perhaps shared similar experiences as me to celebrate the skin they're in. While there are still strides to be made by some brands (the more budget-friendly end of the cost spectrum especially), the beauty industry is in the midst of an exciting makeover of its own, offering more possibilities for darker skin tones than ever before.

So what can you look to find out from this guide? From the best foundations to suit any budget to the best primers, the best skincare for creating the perfect canvas to understanding your undertones and the best foundation brushes to expert application, all bases have been covered to hopefully answer all of your questions on the topic. With advice from top makeup artists Ruby Hammer and Caroline Barnes as well as their top product picks too, here’s to this downloadable guidebook helping you find your perfect match.

Download your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Foundation for Darker Skin Tones now for £4.95.

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