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Weekly Horoscope: 21st - 27th March 2016

March 20th 2016 / Jessica Adams / 0 comment


Astrologer Jessica Adams predicts your stars for the week ahead


The lunar eclipse on Wednesday tells you to skip big judgements or major action plans involving your former, current or potential partner. This also applies to your enemy, rival or opponent. Why? Because an eclipse conceals, it does not reveal. And you need to see the situation sharply and clearly. After September, when this person (or another in line) brings you the biggest and best results you could dream of, you will see why the moment of truth near Wednesday’s eclipse was so important. Best take mental notes though; it’s no time to do anything dramatic. This week is also about your publishing, internet, foreign, travel or educational agenda. There are some inevitable and unavoidable facts of life and all you can really do is examine a variety of sensible ways to manage. Be practical about this. Don’t over-think it.

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The entire month has been about examining the lack of clear boundaries within your group or team, be it FIFA or the cast of a television comedy - or your bridesmaids. You are very close to carving up the controls at last but to keep the friendships or the circle of people simple, try to co-create an understanding that will last, long-term. This week turns your horoscope in the direction of secrecy, introversion, inner mysteries or a role behind the scenes. Please avoid acting on the eclipse on Wednesday as you will be flying blind. By April, however, this rather unfathomable part of yourself or your world will take up all your energy and result in a genuinely liberating change in your life. As the week closes, make sure you can live with the long-term solution you have found for your money, property, charity or business question. This is obviously a deadly serious arrangement or a sexually intimate association, so take your time, despite the hard work.

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This week requires very delicate handling as children, serious lovers, former partners, potential soul mates or current relationships are on the line. First of all, try to avoid acting or making up your mind on Wednesday’s eclipse, which will blot out the story you actually need to see. The great truth you deal with then - even partially - will ultimately help you into a tremendously fulfilling new era after September. By 2017, this chapter involving offspring, young relatives, godchildren or the other person’s youthful connections, will convince you that intensely personal discoveries made now, had their part to play. In the meantime, feel the emotions, but try not to act. Saturn, the planet of unavoidable realities, is also at large this week. You can’t duck or dive where your former, current or potential partner is concerned. For some Gemini people there is no easy solution for rivals or baggage, either. What you can do, though, is face things head on and practise a plan.

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You are ruled by the Moon so the penumbral lunar eclipse on Wednesday should be taken seriously. I am sure you will have very good reasons for wanting to race into discussions or act immediately on news, but your career, unpaid work or university life would be better served if you waited. April will set you free anyway and the radical change that waits for you then will liberate you from people, projects, organisations or plans which (even now) you may have no idea were so restrictive. Did you know that after September and into 2017 you will be renovating, moving, reshuffling the household or welcoming fantastic family developments? Even though this eclipse is so frustrating, because it conceals so much that is yet to be revealed, it is a useful pointer to what might unfold later this year or next year. Beyond your people and your place there are also larger questions about your town or country - classically Cancerian concerns. Let this eclipse show you what it must and take you where it will, later on.

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Your money, apartment, house, company, possessions or business interests are either a deadly serious matter now or a sexually intimate one. Keep tussling with the issue of boundaries, rights, roles and responsibilities - close to Thursday you should be able to see how a new arrangement could work. The trick with this cycle is to keep it real, even when there is absolutely nothing real-world about any of it. Your travel, internet, foreign, publishing or educational agenda will be on your mind on the Full Moon near Wednesday, but as we have a lunar eclipse that day, you may want to wait until at least next week to pass judgement, or put things in writing. The final message in your horoscope this week is about pregnancy, children, young adults, youth projects or lovers. Whatever strategy you’re adopting, make sure it’s sturdy, sensible and serves you. Avoidance is not a strategy. Neither is coming up with some action plan that’s worse than the thing you fear!

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At last you’re getting somewhere with your former, current or potential partner. Or has March been about your great rival, arch enemy or opponent? The usual confused or confusing communication issues are there near Monday, yet after Thursday when Chiron conjuncts Ceres, there will be a new arrangement or fresh understanding. It is very likely to test how much you can get away with, these days, but if you believe an elephant can fly, then why not a particular outcome in love, war or professional partnership? This is yours to co-create and the irony is, despite all the muddiness of March, you and the other person concerned can either agree to share, or agree to differ. There is a financial, business, charity, retail or property choice looming near Wednesday’s eclipse. Don’t go there until later - an eclipse covers things up - you are not being shown the full, clear picture required. One last note on your relative, apartment, house, live-in partner, flatmate, town or country - take the time to find a way of managing that you can lean hard on, in the months to come. It’s worth the search.

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The eclipse on Wednesday blots out what you need to see about (or for) your partner. This also applies to former or potential partners, too. Should your arch enemy, rival or opponent matter more to you than a lover, the eclipse will be about this person instead. Much as Tuesday-Thursday seems to encourage some response from you, or may be the start of a crucial discussion, you may want to wait until next week to make your move or ask your question. Why? An eclipse is always a cover-up job, either by the universe or other people. You just don’t know enough - yet, April will bring a radical change that sets you free. You may have no idea just how much the situation or the person has limited your options. What else is going on now? Your work, university degree, unpaid work or housework suggests a new order is overdue. The mess, muddle and murkiness of March is now receding and it’s clean-up time. The issue here is about sharing the controls and it’s long overdue. By the weekend, you’re wondering what to do about fundamental communication issues or bigger questions about the internet, multimedia or publishing. Research what others now know.

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Saturn in your house of income, possessions, rent, mortgages, investments, shares, charity and business requires a firm hand and a steady gaze. There is no point in avoiding the issue or just resorting to ‘first thought, best thought’ because the solution you come up with, matters just as much as the concern. Saturn cycles require tremendous research, thought, time and canvassing of opinion. Then you stick to your guns and make it work. The eclipse on Wednesday will not show you everything you need to know about your body - or your working life. It’s only natural to want to ask questions, pursue answers, articulate what you’re thinking and feeling, near that day. You want to move on things. Yet - you would be better off waiting until the eclipse is well and truly over. There is a reason they built Stonehenge as an eclipse predictor. These things matter. When will the full story appear? April. That month, you’re ready for a revolution with the way you deal with your body or the way you deal with your work ethic. It will liberate you, but please skip the eclipse.

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To make life as easy for yourself as possible with the children, skip the eclipse period (Tuesday-Thursday; it’s exact on Wednesday) for big decisions or action plans. This also applies to serious lovers, pregnancy, young adults or youth in the context of your paid or unpaid work. You have a legacy to leave to a younger generation, no matter if you’re a parent or not. That story is changing right now, but to write it with full clarity and knowledge, don’t bother with that eclipse period this week. It’s exactly what you’d expect - a patchy, unclear, incomplete chapter. Once you get to April, you will be in full-tilt change mode anyway, either because you want to, or because you have to. There may be a lover who could make you an Aunt, Uncle, parent, step-parent, co-godparent if things became serious. That person could be part of your personal revolution. There may be a very specific concern with your son, daughter, godchild or younger relative - or a youth project. Again, this is where the revolution will occur. What happens in April is hinted at now, so give yourself as much time and space to digest and absorb as possible. Feel the feelings. Just skip eclipse time for your judgements.

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The future announces itself early, and even though there is no way you should act on career, university or unpaid work questions near Wednesday’s eclipse - note what you are feeling then. Some people work at being a parent. If you are typical of your sign your highest ambition is to climb to the top of a business, industry, field or profession which seems insurmountable (until you do it). After September you are on your way to the very top, thanks to stunning opportunities and solutions, with a crowning achievement by 2017. This eclipse, this week, is a tiny link in the chain of your own destiny. Just don’t do too much around it, that’s all - because you won’t see what you need to see. The month ends with a bang as you realise that April is going to be all about family changes, a household reshuffle, repairs, renovation, moving - or a new way to ‘own’ your town or country. The trick to the cycle you’re entering is to skip the eclipse period around Wednesday but to entertain liberating and enthralling possibilities for Easter. What or who currently cramps your style, holds you back or limits you? That’s where this cycle will do its work. It’s better to co-operate with Uranus in Aries than kick against it, and although you’re an earth sign, sometimes you need to let the earth move.

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You are approaching (finally!) a new agreement over the money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment - or the charity - which will fall into place by next month. This has been a muddled and messy time for you, with the total lack of boundaries in one situation, or its glaring lack of structure, contributing to the muddle. Fortunately you, he, she or they are now in a position to talk realistically about how to share the power. And there really is a ton of power locked inside this situation. We have an eclipse on Wednesday. Much as you may want to start a conversation or answer a question about your travel, foreign, publishing, multimedia, internet or education priority - do wait. Eclipses cover things up that should be seen. It’s like making a choice when you’re only being shown part of the story. Yet, by April, you seem more than ready to dramatically alter the way you connect and communicate. Next month brings what you are so famous for - a Brave New World (thank you Aldous Huxley) with you leading the charge. It doesn’t matter that you have absolutely no idea where this digital or traditional corner of your Communication H.Q. will take you. That’s half the excitement. Final word on the week? The group which matters so much, involving your friend, requires a serious, solemn, savvy, sensible strategy. You have to take this on. And it has to work long-term.

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You are approaching the most important financial cycle in 12 years and it begins in September. By 2017 you will have fixed a problem or gained enormously from an opportunity. The house, business, shares, apartment, government department, precious possessions or company concerned will reward you tremendously, with the first signs appearing in September. The future is being written this week, though, as we have an eclipse cutting across the money and materialism axis of your chart. Skip the eclipse period near Wednesday for bold moves or dramatic conclusions. An eclipse does what it says on the can: it covers things up from you. Quite clearly, April is going to be a hell of a month when you decide to embrace independence and this time learn from prior experience. Don’t try to do April right now, though - an eclipse is not the time. Weirdly, however, from your point of view in the final quarter of the year, you will see why the last gasp of March was so crucial to what will (ultimately) become your grand solution or big triumph.

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