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Weekly horoscope: Monday 15th August to Sunday 21st August 2016

August 14th 2016 / Jessica Adams / 2 comments


Astrologer Jessica Adams has the predictions for your star sign this week


We have an eclipse which will affect the whole planet from the 17th-19th so expect the usual cover-ups or incomplete picture. For that reason, you may want to steer clear of major decisions involving friends, groups, children, young adults or lovers. There are easier times to scan the horizon and make up your mind. Between now and September the story with your work, unpaid work, university degree or health will fluctuate. It will work out for you, but even though things look promising, do allow for delays or changes for weeks ahead.


This is turning out to be a crucial month for your house, home town, family, household, apartment or homeland. Make life easier by waiting for the eclipse to pass you by (from the 20th) before you assume you can see everything you need to know. Children, young adults or serious lovers are still in the frame. So is paid or unpaid work involving a much younger generation. Everything will work out for you, and you are still coasting on a wonderful wave which began rolling into your life last week. Nevertheless, you will be surfing backwards and forwards for weeks. Be aware.


Your ruler Mercury is in charge of commuting, computers, travel, the post, negotiation and the web. Now he is in the first stage of his retrograde cycle, be aware that the story will change, where your house, family, apartment, homeland, home town or household is concerned. It may not be until late September or early October that it all shakes down. You are still in a great position, now, but cover yourself. Avoid the eclipse period 17th-19th August for decisions about foreigners, education, publishing, travel, moving, the internet, multimedia and so on. You will not be shown the whole picture and you need it!


Mercury Retrograde is now unfolding, and the first phase of this cycle affects your projects, plans, trips, multimedia goals, the internet and your ‘voice’ across all mediums. You are still heading in the right direction, but make allowances for stop-start progress throughout September and cover yourself for technical, transport or web issues. You are ruled by the Moon so the lunar eclipse needs management. This is about your money, business, taxation, rent, mortgage, shares and so on. Expect the usual cover-up or blind spots as the world catches up with itself Wednesday-Friday and ask yourself if you’re being shown everything.


Skip the 17th-19th for big judgement calls or sweeping decisions about your image, title, appearance, reputation or profile. This same eclipse period is unfavourable for major choices about your former, current or potential partner. Similarly, your enemy, rival or opponent should not be a green-light area at this time. Eclipses conceal more than they reveal and you don’t need that, Leo. Money, business, property or retail discussions are important now. Paperwork may also be in front of you. You are in a fortunate position but allow for delays or changes, into September.


Your ruling planet Mercury is at the beginning of the retrograde cycle, in your own sign of Virgo. You are relaunching, but from this point forward you may find that the rocket slows down, or even reverses, before October comes around. You are still on the right journey, if you are concerned about how you look – and how you are seen – but prepare for delays or changes to the original route. The eclipse period from 17th-19th is about the secrets you keep, or the role you play behind the scenes. It is also about your paid work, unpaid work, or body. All these areas are clouded and even obscured. Why make judgement calls then?


This is such a crucial month for your group, club, team, association, band – or other key circle of people – that you need to be wary now. The lunar eclipse period from 17th-19th August will not reveal the full story and there may even be a cover-up. This also applies to the world of children, young adults or serious lovers. Make allowances for stop-start progress with the secret you are hiding, the role you are playing behind the scenes or a more sensitive matter. You are being guided in the right direction, but that direction may take you backwards and forwards in September.


The penumbral lunar eclipse on Thursday is hard to say, and even harder to deal with, if you want the full picture. From Wednesday-Friday, you will not see everything and everybody as it really is. Your house, family, home town, homeland, apartment, household, paid work and unpaid work are all in the eclipse zone. If you suspect people or organisations are concealing something from you, they probably are. Move forward again once the eclipse has passed. Friends and groups are still a green light area, but you will be flicked back to amber and red a few times in September. Allow for that as you go ahead.


This eclipse period over the 17th-19th blots out what you need to see, just like the real thing. Your angle on the internet, multimedia, publishing, education, travel, foreigners or moving, will be affected. If you want to see everything as it really is, you will wait for the eclipse to pass. Fantastic success trends continue from July and early August, but the path you have chosen will now take you backwards and forwards until October so make allowances for delays, changes or even u-turns affecting your paid work, unpaid work or degree. Do all you can by September 9th while your ruler Jupiter is still firmly on your side.


Not only a Full Moon, Capricorn, but also an eclipse! All the more reason to take it slowly with your money, house, business, charity, apartment, shopping or sales this week. The odds of a cover-up job or a misleading picture are very high from the 17th to 19th. Your travel, foreign, education, internet or publishing agenda will take you backwards and forwards for some weeks, even though you set up enough advantages for yourself in July and early August to gain – even from the stop-start progress. Try to do all you can to pursue opportunities or solutions by the first week of September, despite the waiting game to come.


I can’t think of too many pro astrologers who would advise you to race into love-life decisions with a lunar eclipse on Thursday 18th August. Allow 24 hours either side for the world to catch up with itself. This also applies to enemies, rivals or opponents. Why act on an eclipse? It’s like trying to see straight with a dim lightbulb. Your image, title, reputation or appearance is also caught by the eclipse half-light so you may want to make big judgement calls about those issues later. The money, house, business, charity, apartment or precious possessions see you in a brilliant position (still) but there will be delays and changes to the original story, ahead. Allow for that and try to do all you can, this fortnight.


Use this week and next week to pursue outcomes with your partner. This also applies to your former or potential partner, too. You are still going to hit delays, changes or reversals with (or for) this person, but your advantage is still there until September 9th. Sometimes, on this cycle, the issue is an enemy, rival or opponent. You have everything to gain from this situation but do allow for waiting games or u-turns in your plans. The eclipse period from the 17th-19th is unsuitable for major decisions about your paid work, unpaid work, body, secret life, confidential information or role behind the scenes. Two areas on that list may cross over. An eclipse conceals, it does not reveal and you need to know more, before you say yes or no.

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