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Weekly horoscope: Monday 26th September to Sunday 2nd October 2016

September 25th 2016 / Jessica Adams / 3 comments


Find out what astrologer Jessica Adams reveals about your star sign this week


Your career, social position, ambition, unpaid role, university degree or business interests become an intense matter when Pluto stations direct on Monday 26th September. A reshuffle or an invisible redistribution of rights, roles and responsibilities is a given, from that point, and for a simple life near October 19th, you may want to keep the stakes low now – or at least, nice and civilised. This will be a very long and winding road for your workplace, business, industry, profession or special subject area and it may not be until February that everyone knows where she or he stands. Promise yourself, now, that you will keep things plain, clear and uncomplicated. Aries, this week has stunning potential for you and your partner. This also applies to former or potential partners, too. Even an enemy, rival or opponent pays off for you at the moment. Expect agreements, soon.

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Everyone discovers how powerful they are (or are not) through questions about power-tripping, and also being power-tripped. These have followed you round for years, because every time you travel, teach, study, publish, write or use the worldwide web in any serious way, you come across them. By now you have hopefully learned enough to avoid the power struggles which can unfold, and using astrology it should be possible to duck and dive around the obvious elephant traps, now through February next year. This week holds the beginnings of a chapter which can either be forgotten quickly, or complicate your life. Fantastic new trends in your lifestyle, workload, housework and body zone suggest opportunities and solutions not possible in 12 years, which if snapped up in the next few weeks, will give you the right work environment, the right work to do, the right resources for your body – and many more ‘rights’ – if you are willing to look suitably grateful and enthusiastic.

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This cycle commonly brings pregnancy, the arrival of a young niece, nephew, grandchild, godchild – or successful adoption. You are off to a flying start. Because you have serious Saturn in your Seventh House, which rules your former, current or potential partner, we may also be looking at issues about separation, child custody and childcare agreements, in which case the odds are wildly in your favour. Another very common outcome of this cycle is an unplanned baby and shotgun relationship, or even marriage. It is unusual to see both Saturn in your Seventh House of partnership (serious, stuck, slow, heavy situations) and Jupiter in your Fifth House of children (opportunities, expansion, growth, hope). However you play this cycle, and it depends on your personal birth chart, there is one more factor to consider – and that is the money. Property or business interests may also be involved. Keep this fair, square, simple and free of people politics, as much as you can, because it’s going to make the middle of October a great deal easier, not to mention the road to 2017.

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Mars moves into your opposite sign of Capricorn on Tuesday 27th September and you are about to begin four months of decisions about your former, current or potential partner. This also applies to your enemy, rival or opponent. To sidestep the point of no return at the Mars-Pluto conjunction on October 20th, and the usual mess of Mercury Retrograde in December and January, promise yourself you will remove the words ‘control’ and ‘power’ and the phrase ‘total world domination’ from your vocabulary immediately, no matter if you are projecting them onto this man (or woman) or find yourself toying with the idea of ruling all you survey. Cancer, you will be thrilled with the signatures or discussion about your house, home town, family, apartment, homeland or household from October 8th and the situation will be set up now. Jupiter was Optimus Maximus to the Romans who gave us our modern astrology and if you expect the maximum and pursue it with optimism, this could be your own little empire.

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Your lifestyle, housework, daily routine, paid work, university degree or unpaid work is now a green light area and intense questions about who and what is in control (are you the boss of the pattern of your days?) now emerge. Your body, in terms of your food, drugs, drink, doctor, fitness, healer, surgeon and so on – is at the core of what you do and how you do it. Think carefully about all this because the middle of October brings a major decision. Leo, this week is dazzling in terms of your ideas, projects and plans. Your way with words, ideas and images was never in doubt, as you know how to connect and communicate – however, even you will not fail to be stunned by the brilliant opportunities and solutions which come your way when your ruler the Sun conjuncts Jupiter on Monday 26th September to be followed by the most epic new chapter in 12 years, starting at the New Moon (when your ruler the Sun again joins the Moon) on Saturday 1st October. Female wisdom is all over this new chapter. Owls are good omens.

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Babies, children and young adults (born 20+ years after you) have been at the core of serious questions about how much power you have, how you use that power – and who or what seeks to overpower you – for years. In fact, the cycle began on January 26th 2008. Now, you are in the perfect position to take all that you have learned about pregnancy, termination, sons, daughters, adoption, IVF, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, stepchildren and courtship – and apply it sensibly to the next four months. If you don’t want yet more issues about who is top dog, then don’t go there in the first place. This may be about your son’s place at Eton or the manners your granddaughter (isn’t) taught, but be hip to all that you have learned about power since 2008. The time for pre-emptive strategies is now, while Mars is still very new in Capricorn, the sign that rules the younger generation and your guidance and leadership, in relation to them. Virgo, you can also double this message if your paid or unpaid efforts involve younger people, en masse. What else is coming up this week? Fantastic financial, property, business, retail, shopping or charity opportunities you have not seen for 12 years. You’ll sign or accept signatures (or a handshake agreement) after October 8th.

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If it’s your birthday on Sunday 25th, Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th September then Jupiter is conjunct your Sun, and you should enjoy the biggest boost to your identity, profile and image in years (or the mother of all solutions for issues about the same). The clue? Your former, current or potential partner. Maybe your enemy or rival. No matter when your birthday falls, you are about to enjoy a relaunch, rebirth and renaissance for your name, face, style, shape, title or reputation. Between now and the final quarter of 2017, Jupiter will also come to conjunct your Sun, depending on your birthday, so no matter if you are a lover who needs a soulmate, or a demon for justice and fair play who wants to win a good fight, your time in the sun is coming. Libra, this week is also very much about the house, family, apartment, household, home town or homeland – as you see it. You need more issues about power and control, like you need a hedgehog in the bed, so be suitably cautious from now through the end of January, when any ongoing discussion about who/what is going to dominate will end up in the usual muddled paper trail or messy Mercury Retrograde discussions. Stop this before it even happens. Use astrology to head off the slightest whiff of people politics, no matter if this is the Mayor, your mum or a builder, your flatmate – or your estate agent.

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Your ruling planet Pluto is all about issues like size, power, inclusion, exclusion, promotion, demotion and the rest. This now applies to the worldwide web, your telephone, multimedia, publishing, education, language and communication in general. This is hardly news to you. In fact, you have the same basic concerns for the last eight years. Every now and then they flare up again and this is the case near Monday 26th when Pluto stations direct and from Tuesday 27th when Mars joins Pluto in the same zone of your chart, which rules your way with words, ideas and images. To avoid a hot mess, now through February, try to get all the necessary paperwork or technology out of the way before Mercury turns Shadow Retrograde on December 3rd. Scorpio, your sign is linked to the idea of invisibility and withdrawal. This now pays off beautifully for you, with stunning opportunities, solutions and immaculate timing not possible in years. When you are unseen, it works. When you vanish from life above ground, it serves you. You will achieve more for yourself and your life through invisibility than you know.

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Your ruling planet Jupiter joins the Sun in a dazzling pattern not seen since 1993, this week. It encourages you to turn to the group – the most important group of all, if you think about it – and to true friendship, as it is now more important than anything else in your world. The New Moon on Saturday 1st October is worth a wish. She (or he) who commits to the hive mind, ends up with all the golden honey next year. It does not mean you all lose your independence and individuality. Far from it. Like any successful troop, from Dad’s Army to Bananarama or from One Direction to Arsenal – you are born to be with each other, yet utterly unique. New friends or groups which just ‘happen’ to pop into view now are blessed so say yes. Sagittarius, the money, business interests, house, apartment, charity or possessions will go to the top of your agenda as soon as Mars changes signs on Tuesday 27th September. To avoid hassles, now through January, remove any whiff of power plays, game-playing or people politics from proceedings and get it in writing by December.

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It is not the real you – far from it – but a version of yourself which appears on the internet, in photographs, in film clips, on labels or on business cards, matters very much. For the last eight years some of your biggest concerns about controlling this, or losing your control of it, have followed you round. It may have been an unflattering snap that has done the rounds on Facebook (thanks ‘friends’) or it may have been a serious issue about your reputation. Fortunately you can use astrology to duck and dive, so when the usual questions about power and control turn up this week, learn from what happened last time. Aim to get this out of the way by December, as well, unless you want things to drag on into the end of January 2017. Bottom line? When you use your willpower you are powerful and when you use self-control you are in control. This applies to your face, style, shape, name, profile – the lot. Capricorn, this week is also about the most dazzling opportunity for wider success and greater status in years. Blow me down if you won’t be signing on this or shaking hands next month.

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Every Jupiter cycle of growth, expansion, hope, opportunity and solutions classically builds on the last one. What you saw go down in your life with travel, foreign places and people, education, publishing, your personal belief system or the worldwide web in 2005 now leads to a bigger step. Very occasionally I hear people moaning that their Jupiter cycle did not deliver. These are people who sit on their hands and wait for good fortune to drop through the ceiling like a parachute. When you are offered your big chance this week take it, because October will make it real. A ton of Aquarians will emigrate, travel the world, publish a bestseller, launch an epic website, gain first-class honours, become vicars or similar epic achievements by this time next year, as a result of the small, shining possibilities snapped up this week. What else is going on now? You can’t talk about it. Other people don’t know about it, they can’t see it, or they just can’t fathom it. This is a matter for you. Draw on everything you have learned about keeping secrets or operating behind the scenes since 2008 and use it. Quickly.

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The spotlight turns on a rare opportunity or unusual solution involving your joint bank account, mortgage, shares, last will and testament, family legacy or similar, near Monday 26th September. From Wednesday, there will be tremendous wisdom on tap for you to consult, so ask every question that occurs to you. By Saturday 1st October the new beginning you had such high hopes for in September (or a superior alternative) will be at your fingertips. From this point on, Pisces, you are going to save or make a substantial amount of money, as the patterns in your horoscope which encircle your house, business interests, apartment, possessions, company or charity will not occur again for 12 years. What else matters now? The group involving one or more friends. Since 2008 you periodically get caught up in power plays or people politics in your social life, social media or with actual groups, clubs, teams, societies and networks. Don’t repeat the past. Astrology is there to help you remember what not to do. Keep this fair, even, real and on an even keel. Get things sorted and in writing before December or you’ll spend four weeks before and after Christmas dealing with Mercury Retrograde mess and muddle. Easily avoided!

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