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Weekly horoscope: Monday 29th August to Sunday 4th September 2016

August 28th 2016 / Jessica Adams / 0 comment


Our hugely popular astrologer Jessica Adams has your predictions for the week ahead


You still have so much to gain in terms of your lifestyle, daily routine, regular workload and your physical condition, too. The big answer or opportunity will be there until Thursday 8th September. Do keep an eye on your timing, though. You will see stop-start progress or even life on rewind, between now and October. You may want to check that everything is in print and that you have also eyeballed the tiniest clauses or conditions. Skip this Wednesday-Friday altogether, too, as an eclipse conceals more than it reveals. The really big news is best saved until last. This week you take a tentative step towards the turning point with your former, current or potential lover which will lead you to the most tremendous breakthrough in 12 years, with a brilliant new chapter in October. Whatever you need from love and life, at this stage of the year, can be delivered to you.

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Your ruler Venus changes signs this week so the coast is clear for lifestyle, work and body improvements, not possible in years. Sometimes you have to be led into a new situation gently and what begins in such a brilliant way in the first week of October, will involve small steps with a giant leap in a few weeks’ time. If the ground needs to be cleared dramatically for a new approach to food, drugs, doctors, drink, healers, fitness or surgery, then it will be. The same might be said for your job, university life, voluntary position or full-time parenting. Call it life gardening and get on with it! This week is also important because of a lover who might bring a younger generation into your life one day, or existing children, youth projects, godchildren or young relatives. Skip the eclipse Wednesday-Friday but do pursue the win-win outcome that’s waiting, as quickly as possible. Even if this takes you on a long and winding road for weeks, there is no time like the present for a really big push.

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A high percentage of Gemini women will adopt, try IVF or deepen the relationship with a godchild, niece or nephew over the next 13 months. In other cases you will find yourself pregnant, or enjoy incredible developments with your existing son or daughter. The one person who can step out of the present to connect you to this deeply satisfying future, will make a tremendous impact on you this week. If you are more concerned with a project, role or goal involving those born 20+ years after you, then it is this which will dominate, yet the right woman (or feminine man) will play an intriguing part. Gemini, the situation with your house, apartment, household, home town, family or homeland is complicated by timing, yet still worth pursuing. The answer you need or the break you long for is here, yet try to get arrangements in writing, and read the fine print too, as this could be weeks of delays or changes. Above all else, skip the eclipse period Wednesday-Friday for big judgement calls or action plans as there is something you are not being shown, or cannot see.

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Just the person you need (or the new chemistry you require) is here - and your home life will benefit from October. This may be about your house, land or apartment. It may be about your family or household. Perhaps your sense of home extends to your town or country. Sometimes destiny does not land with a thump, it begins with a small click, and all you really have to do this week is watch things fall into place. A high percentage of Cancerians will be renovating, moving, reshuffling the household or pursuing new family plans within weeks. Your current interest in the worldwide web, multimedia, education, languages, publishing or other outlets for your way with words/ideas/images should be stoked. Of course this is bound to be complicated, as you are chasing it across Mercury Retrograde, but your luck may hold until at least September 9th. Just skip the eclipse period Wednesday-Friday as you are ruled by the Moon and this lunar phase is only going to obscure what you need to see. Just like a real eclipse.

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It’s all about your money, land, business interests, shopping, house, sales, apartment, possessions and/or charity at the moment. Things will turn out for the best by Thursday 8th September, as this is either a big open door or a perfect key, but allow for delays and changes. Get it in writing and read the fine print, Leo. As your ruler the Sun is involved in the solar eclipse on Thursday 1st September, the fresh start that day (allow 24 hours either side) is too unclear to work with confidently. You may want to bypass Wednesday-Friday but do use the rest of the week, assuming you can work around the financial, property or company rewrite to come. On a completely different note, the most wonderful concept, idea, project or piece of technology in years comes closer now, following an intriguing arrival or reappearance – the woman or feminine man in question is worth your time.

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Pursue the new you, or the new version of the old you, Virgo – but be gently aware of the need to skip the solar eclipse in Virgo (Wednesday-Friday) when the photograph, video, business card, public relations push, cosmetic surgery, haircut and the rest, would be a thoroughly unclear business. If you can do as much as possible by September 9th, but also allow for the fact that your relaunch, renaissance and rebirth will be a stop-start affair, you should still be happy with the dazzling solution or excellent outcome. The whole ‘Me’ business may take as long as early October to become truly final, yet the more you can push through this week (apart from the eclipse period) the better. The other intriguing thing about your week is the person who ushers in the start of a brand new money cycle. By October you will be on your way to making or saving a small fortune, and the woman who is a part of the story, or the rather feminine man who can open the door, is in front of you this week.

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Your ruler Venus joins Mercury, one sign behind you, and the focus now is on your life behind the scenes, or the part of your personality which exists behind the exterior. Perhaps you are pursuing something you get no credit nor recognition for. Maybe it’s more private than that. Avoid the annular solar eclipse period Wednesday-Friday which is too unclear, but for the rest of the week, see what you can push through. Even if you have to go backwards and forwards with this for a few more weeks, if the initial solution or opportunity is in hand by 9th September you should still gain. Libra, you will be very happy with a new title, image relaunch, flattering look, or other Me Agenda triumph, by October. Again, it is your ruler Venus who is behind this change, and you should welcome this new emphasis on yourself, from this week forward. It is neither ego nor narcissism; it is common sense. This is your best chance in years to enhance your wardrobe, body, persona, title or internet aura. In fact, the new beginning in October could change everything.

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It has been a very long time – twelve years in fact – since you had so much to gain by disappearing from sight. You will see why a role behind the scenes, a period undercover or a more secretive side of life benefits you, soon. The first turning point occurs this week as Venus changes signs and you realise that submerging yourself, or diving for pearls, is a genuine alternative – for 2017 too. Follow the obvious person, solution or opportunity and you will make incredible headway in October. Scorpio, before any of this occurs, you must complete everything with your friend, and the group. The win-win (or win-win-win-win) outcome you want is already in motion, but a further push would not hurt. Even if this stops, starts and occasionally goes backwards, you should get to where you need to be eventually. Do bypass Wednesday-Friday for big moves or decisions, though, as the eclipse covers up more than it shows and you need things bright and clear.

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One, two or even three of the things you really, really want from life can come about once you join forces with like-minded friends. You might include general convivial acquaintances in that description, too. Once Venus moves into Libra this week, you will realise how much a particular woman or intensely feminine man can bring to the party. If you are asked to join a club, team, ensemble cast, band or similar over the next few weeks, give this your full attention as it could end up being the move you always needed to make. A deeper commitment to an existing political party, private members’ club, charity or other circle of people could also be your passport to happiness by October. Sagittarius, this week is also crucial from the point of view of your career, unpaid work, university life or full-time parenting role. Even if the current big answer or opportunity takes you on a convoluted pathway, try to push this as hard and fast as you can by next week. Offers or solutions should be acquired in writing, if possible.

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A person who is interested mostly in the ‘relationship’ side of professional relationships will emerge this week, or draw closer. She (or he) is one of the keys for the corridor full of glittering gold doors ahead. Each one lets you into a room full of possibilities. Some are just problem-solvers. Others will take you very far indeed, as you are famously ambitious. Do take every key you are given now, even if this person strikes you as being complicated. The new project, role, goal or pathway will be in front of you in five or six weeks. Capricorn, this is also the moment to throw yourself back into the pursuit of the University of life, meaningful journeys, cultural exchange, important beliefs, books, the worldwide web and foreign affairs. Skip the Wednesday-Friday eclipse period as it’s too dimly lit to see straight, yet for the rest of this week think about what is possible. Even if this takes you back and forth for a while, it is worth giving it your best shot.

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Is it too late to take advantage of Jupiter’s largesse with your money, house, land, apartment, business, possessions or charity? This planet can still hurl thunderbolts until 9th September and it really depends on what you already planted, as some ventures or gambles are about to pay off. Make sure you do not complicate life by signing, accepting signatures or pursuing definite action over the eclipse period Wednesday-Friday, though – eclipses only cover up what you need to know. It might be wise to get everything in an e-mail or on paper, too, and to read the implications of delays, cancellations or other complications very carefully. Aquarius, you will gain a huge amount from a distant region or a foreign country by 2017 with a welcome new beginning in the first week of October. You will be travelling, welcoming travellers, emigrating, moving or exporting your talents, skills and ideas. The very first signs are here this week and you should enjoy taking your first step on this new road. The map just became more interesting.

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Your big astrological helper Jupiter will pass out of your partnership zone from around September 9th so you have a limited time to pursue the win-win solutions or seek to turn a relationship into so much more. If you are single then you are still in a position to roll away an obstacle that prevents you from satisfying dating, or even to pursue someone new (The Pursuit of Love, to quote Miss Mitford). Pisces, if separation or counselling is the only way, it is close enough to touch now. In all cases, the only caveat with this astrological message about this particular man –or woman - is the eclipse (allow Wednesday-Friday for it to be out of your way) as they are unhelpful phenomena, best avoided. Your next awfully big adventure will be saving or making money. The person who can help you see the real price tag on life is closer to you this week, or makes a debut. From here, you will see why September is rich with promise and how October can change everything. Believe in abundance and win-win solutions now, because everything is becoming increasingly more possible, day by day, from this point forward.

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