Catherine Turner

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Catherine's The Spiritualist column comes out of a decision to quit her job as Beauty & Health Director at Easy Living to head for a remote ashram in the Himalayas earlier this year. Truth is, she's always been a bit of a hippy with an obsession for yoga.

Throughout her 28-year career on glossy mags, including a stint as editor-in-chief of Marie Claire Health & Beauty, her mantra has always been "beauty comes from within". Well of course that is along with the latest Chanel scent and YSL lipstick...

On the journey to connect mind/body she's had her chakras balanced, feet read, warm oil poured on her third eye and studied healing at The College of Psychic Studies. A decade of getting up at dawn to fit in downward dogs and meditation before work finally sent her off to India. Now she's back and has found a spiritual home at GTG, sharing peace, calm and yogi secrets.

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