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Hattie Sloggett


  • Hattie Sloggett

Hattie is a Confidence and Emotional Intelligence Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and True-Self Advocate not to mention our very own advice columnist – The Shame Changer.

With a love of storytelling and not one to shy away from the truth Hattie’s pieces are raw, real, and funny with a touch of sass for good measure. As an ex-professional makeup artist, she uses her extensive knowledge of beauty and skincare to give an expert’s view on the products that we know and love. As an ex-professional party girl, she uses her extensive knowledge of drug addiction, alcoholism and living in-authentically to give an expert’s view on all things mind, body and soul wellbeing.

A woman of many talents, when she is not hammering a keyboard for Get The Gloss she is running her private coaching business, working with those in the media industry, who more often than not end up taking on a ‘character’ and losing touch with their true selves. Hattie’s mission is to help others confidently step into their truest, most authentic selves because 'confidence leads to greatness’.

You can get in touch with Hattie via

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