Susannah Taylor


Formerly the beauty and health editor of Vogue and Glamour, Susannah has had over fifteen years experience in the beauty and health industry.

Throughout her career Susannah has worked with many of the world’s best photographers, make-up artists, hairstylists, models and health professionals, many of which underpin the authority of Get The Gloss today. As Editor-In-Chief, Susannah directs all editorial content – features, columns, news across articles, shoots, and videos.

Deciding to forge a career out of her love of fashion, Susannah attended Central St Martins School of Art which led to an internship with a terrifying fashion journalist who would freak out if the froth was low on her cappuccino. This experience had Susannah running to the heady, perfumed hills of beauty, and, landing a job on the launch of Conde Nast's Glamour she worked her way up to become beauty editor before moving to Vogue as beauty and health editor.

Rarely happier than when she's sporting the latest nail lacquer or faking an Ibiza glow, Susannah brings you the latest, often ludicrous trends from the front line of beauty at fashion week and reviewing new product launches, interviewing the world’s top make-up artists and working with the likes of Mary Greenwell to show us how to achieve the newest beauty looks, trying out radical new looks and experimenting with the latest beauty trends. Her motto? "Go forth and beautify". Amen. A recent fitness adict she's keeping us motivated and introducing us to the newest fitness trends.

To catch up with Susannah's latest adventures in beauty, peruse her interactive expert's page here.

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