We're inviting entires into the following 53 beauty categories.

Meet this years categories:

Best oil or balm cleanser 

Best gel, foam or water-based cleanser 

Best milk or cream cleanser 

Best toner, essence, mist, setting spray 

Best exfoliator for face

Best face or eye mask 

​​Best blemish product  

Best pigmentation product

​​Best product for oily skin  

Best product for dry/dehydrated skin

Best product for barrier repair

Best product for ageing well

Best product for sensitive/reactive skin

Best niacinamide product

Best retinoid

Best vitamin C

Best peptide product

Best hyaluronic acid  

Best AHA, BHA or PHA

Best lip balm / skincare for lips

Best SPF (face/body)

Best organic /natural  range (send hero product)

Best everyday moisturiser

Best overnight product

Best face oil

Best eye cream or serum

Best scalp product (exfoliators, serums, shampoos or conditioners targeted at a healthy scalp)

Best shampoo or hair cleanser

Best conditioner or mask

Best bond builder or hair repair treatment 

Best hair product for curly or textured hair

Best styling product (e.g heat protector mousse, serums, sprays etc)

Best hair tool (e.g. electronic stylers, brushes, hair towels etc)

Best moisturiser, serum or oil for body

Best targeted body product (decollete neck, KP, cellulite)

Best body exfoliator (body scrub/liquid)  

Best product for hands, feet and nails

Best skin tool – face or body

Best bath and shower product (e.g. shower gels, soaks, bath salts)

Best hair remover – tool or cream

Best lash product (includes mascaras, lashes and serums)

Best brow product (includes powders, pencils, pens, gels, tints and serums)

Best for cheeks (bronzer, blush highlighter, palettes, powders)

Best base (e.g. foundations, primers, concealers, tinted moisturisers)

Best colour product for lips (tints, glosses and lipsticks)

Best innovator (any products that brings something entirely different to the market making a real difference to the way we consume beauty)

Classic hero (skin, hair, makeup or product that’s as good now as when it was launched)

Best fragrance 

Best newcomer brand or range (new to the UK between September 2022 and September 2023). Please send hero product)

Best self tan for face or body

Best sustainable brand or initiative (Please send hero product)

Best eco product

Best menopause skincare face or body (includes intimate care)

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