We're inviting entires into the following 37 wellness categories.

Meet this year's categories:

Best wellness newcomer (brand or range) launched Jan 2023 to March 2024

Best natural deodorant

Best classic wellness brand or product

Best wellness eco hero 

Best innovator

Best at-home health test kit

Best oral care tool (tongue cleaner, toothbrush)

Best toothpaste or tablet, whitener, mouthwash

Best everyday supplement

Best functional mushroom product

Best for digestive/gut health 

Best collagen supplement 

Best health gummy

Best vegan supplement

Best sleep enhancer (excludes sleep sprays)

Best sleep spray 

Best skin supplement or drink

Best wellness drink, drops or powder (tea, coffee, tincture etc)

Best protein shake or drink

Best for brain health

Best product for mood

Best 40+ or menopause wellness ingestible/supplement

Best 40+ menopause support (skincare, tools, books, gadgets)

Best for energy

Best for immunity

Best topical or ingestible for hair health/growth

Best CBD ingestible (drops, gummies etc)

Best destress helper

Best fertility/pregnancy/post-natal care product or supplement (can include body care)

Best wellness body care (massage oils, bath salts)

Best period product 

Best V care (intimate care, sexual wellness)

Best home wellness scent or home scent accessory (diffusers, candles etc)

Best aromatherapy product

Best functional fragrance

Best wellness tool or accessory (LED facemasks, body brush, weighted blankets, water bottles etc)

Best for self-care

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