The latest nail effect from Ciaté is just too cool for school...

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At GTG we love a new nail trend - it's quick and easy to put into action without breaking the bank and if it’s not up to scratch we can swipe it off and start again.

So when we heard about the chalkboard manicure, it's safe to say our ears perked up and our creative minds began imagining all kinds of nail art, back-to-school style. Nails and chalkboards don't usually mix, but in the case of the new sets from Ciaté we'd have to say it's a perfect match.

Available from April, the Chalkboard Manicure is fun and fuss-free to do; simply paint on the matte black polish, then doodle with the accompanying pens to your heart's content. And yes, if you're as fickle with your designs as you are your beauty trends (we know we are)  then you can wash away the chalk and start again, just as you would with a chalkboard only with less mess.

The chalk-effect pens make the huge popularity of nail art even easier and with a quirky finish that looks as cool as it does fresh, it’s safe to say we'll be doodling all day.

The Ciaté Chalkboard Manicure is available from Selfridges  from 23rd April 2013