Watch our facial-a-long masterclass and learn how to build up a glowing skin routine with Mandy Oxley Swan and Balance Me

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If your skin is prone to the signs of stress (whose isn’t?) then you’ll this live masterclass, available below on catch-up, with top facialist Mandy Oxley Swan and Rebecca Hopkins co-founder of Balance Me skincare, is one for you.

Stress can show up on the skin in many ways: inflammation, redness, dryness, a dull complexion as well as fine lines and wrinkles. If your skin is sensitive, or sensitised, perhaps from overusing chemical exfoliating acids, you may need to pare back your routine to focus on non-irritating products that are nevertheless effective.

Mandy Oxley Swan, lead facialist at Balance Me, takes us through a skin-calming regime that’s a must-watch for all skincare lovers. We cover the basics of good skincare, what to apply in which order (booster? serum? eye cream?) as well as the benefits of the skin calming, glow-giving hero ingredient niacinamide, and answer some commonly asked questions. 

Here are the products used for the facial as well as others recommended by our experts.