Say goodbye to cotton wool and hello to instant results because Bourjois' nail polish remover really is quite magical, writes Judy Johnson

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One of the best things about the beauty industry is that it's constantly evolving to create new and improved products that make life easier - and a little prettier, naturally.

The brand we have to thank for our latest godsend of a product is Bourjois, whose Magic Nail Polish Remover , £4.99 has quite frankly changed our lives forever. Or at least our beauty regime.

Removing polish is always a chore, from finding a remover that's naughty-chemical-free to trying to avoid dripping that soaked cotton wool pad onto that paper cut you've just given yourself so as not to squeal in pain.

Now all that's changed with the emergence of dip and go nail varnish removers. High street hero Bourjois was the first to catch our attention with their bright pink bottle of 'magic' remover - and boy does it deserve that name.

The simple bottle is full of a sponge that's soaked with acetone-free nail polish remover - all you beauty buffs need to do is dip in each nail, twist it within the sponge and out comes your polish-free nail in seconds. Even better, the red berry and vanilla fragrance is a delight for the senses - far better than the standard extra-strong scents we're used to - and it's enriched with sweet almond oil to help nourish your talons too.

With Leighton Denny following suit with its upcoming dip and go version, we're sure this is a trend in the making and one that's here to stay. With this new mess-less and fuss-free solution to swiping away last week's polish, we'll be able to update our manicures quicker than ever. Best buy all of this season's colours, then…