Ayesha Muttucumaru discovers the new beauty gadget that's so smart it's out of this world

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Beauty techies, take note. This may just be the cleverest anti-ageing gadget that your bathroom shelf has ever seen.

Meet the IOMA Youth Booster , £149. This piece of innovative beauty gadgetry shares the same technology as Curiosity, the robot that we recently sent up to Mars in search of new life (the collective ‘we’ that is - GTG isn’t in space just yet). Its MEMS micro-sensors allow it to measure changes in the atmosphere’s gas levels, and now this space-age knowhow has been brought to the world of beauty to provide one of the most advanced and bespoke skincare regimes that we’ve ever seen.

The sensors inserted in the lid of this cream are designed to evaluate the hydration levels in your skin in order to dispense just the right amount to meet all of your skincare requirements. Sound complicated? Not to worry, as it’s simpler than it appears. All you need to do is hold the sensor on the same position of your face for three to five seconds every morning. The number of LEDs that light up indicate how many pumps you need and how often. That’s some seriously intelligent skincare if you ask us.

Tackling a wide range of anti-ageing concerns, the cream contains a cocktail of some of the best active ingredients around. Designed to moisturise, regenerate and protect, it’ll prep skin for whatever the unpredictable British weather throws at it.