Nature meets fashion with Kure BAZAAR’s extensive range of super-stylish nail polishes

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For the nature-lover who wants to protect the environment, but would prefer to do so with pretty-looking nails, we may just have found the solution to your particular beauty predicament.

Introducing Kure BAZAAR - a range of non-toxic polishes available in this season’s must-have colours to satisfy the needs of your inner varnish aficionado, without ticking off Mother Nature in the process.

Based on a formula made up of wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn (we kid you not), GTG has to commend the beauty genius who discovered the power of this concoction of earth-loving goodies. Who could have known that this humble mix could produce such an impressive array of vibrant and on-trend nail polishes? With 37 to choose from, it’s a feat we haven’t seen in a long time.

The ultra-glossy results can be counted on to last for days, and the nourishing formula also preserves and protects - ensuring stronger-looking nails in the long run. It’s super-fast drying as well, meaning that serial smudgers can finally breathe a much anticipated sigh of relief.

The impossible may have just happened. This could be the nail varnish that does it all…

Available from  at £15 each.