Looking for some hair inspo for your next salon appointment? These are the haircuts, colours and styles we’re all going to be asking for this year.

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When it comes to a new look for the year, of course you want to know what the 2023 hair trends are going to be, just like you want to know all the latest makeup trends (spoiler alert: underpainting, Mary Phillips’ makeup technique is one of them). However, there’s also an element of knowing how to tweak the trends to work for your hair and all its foibles. “Clients definitely like the idea of being on trend but I think they are so much more knowledgeable about their own hair now that they want a haircut and style that will suit their hair texture and lifestyle too.” Sage advice and insight from celebrity hair stylist and Pureology’s UK and Ireland hair ambassador, Neil Moodie.

Which is why while we have asked some of our favourite hair experts for their pick of the hottest hair looks for 2023, we would always advise working with your favourite stylist to make the trend work best for you. Realism and practicality are key for loving a new look. “The maintenance of a haircut for a client is very important as is the health of their hair too. Clients are happier to accept that some hairstyles are not for them, or that their hair will not do what it doesn't like doing and I think a lot of this is down to people's time constraints and not wanting to have to spend valuable time and money on styling their hair and going for a trend that is better suited to them.”

So with that in mind, feast your eyes on the best 2023 hair trends out there (so far) and hopefully there’s one that will inspire you to embrace a new look.

1. Retro side partings as seen on White Lotus star Aubrey Plaza

“Millennials will be pleased to hear about the return of the side part! As seen on the runway for SS23, we’re expecting to see a side part rise in popularity again. It’s no surprise with the recent return of Y2K and 90s fashion that we’d see it come back again soon. This is perfect for those wanting to try something new with their hair without reaching for the scissors or bleach” advises Live True London’s Senior Colourist, Stéphane Ferraira. And the even better news is that a side parting is easy to do whatever your hair colour, length or texture. Simply grab a comb or a fairly small hairbrush, sweep your hair over to your preferred side, et voila!

2. Bedhead chic as seen on Model Emily Ratajkowski

We bring great news if you’re on the low-maintenance side of things when it comes to styling your hair. 2023 sees us stepping away from overly polished and perfect blowdries and embracing natural movement and creating that ‘i just woke up looking like this’ effect. Now, the slight rub is that for most of us that still requires a bit of product and potentially switching on a styling tool for some gentle tweaking of texture, but the essential element to nailing this trend is a great cut to maximise your hair’s natural potential. “Getting the right cut for your hair type is key with this look as that’s what going to do most of the heavy lifting for you,” says celebrity hairstylist Paul Percival. “Make sure you book in time with a stylist to have a proper consultation and chat about how your hair reacts when left to its own devices. That way the stylist can make sure your cut is working with your texture rather than giving you more work to do.” Here are Paul’s tips for the perfect bedhead haircut depending on your hair type.

  • Fine hair: “If you have fine hair that’s prone to going fluffy and frizzy it will need some length left in the layers to help keep it weighted.
  • Curls and kinks: “More textured hair types will need layers cut in that maximise bounce and shape.
  • Thick hair: “Layers come into their own with thick hair, not only do they give your haircut more movement and definition, but also layers are the perfect way to remove some weight and density.”

Ensuring you're using the right kind of styling product is also going to help with this look.” A balm or air-drying cream is a great place to start and a good option for most hair types that want to embrace their texture whatever that may be. The Percy & Reed Wonder Balm, £19.90 stops the humidity creating frizz and it is so lightweight so it isn't going to actually create too much hold and lets your hair be the best version of itself."

3. Parisian Blonde as seen on singer-songrwriter Nina Nesbitt

This is one for those with naturally fair hair or who have already made the move to being blonde as it’s a subtle tweak on your base hair colour. “French Blonde is about adapting the blonde to your individual skin tone. It’s a classic golden beige but applied so finely that you can’t see where the blonde begins and ends. However, I would always leave the tips of the hair out of the foils so you get a natural lift,” explains Harriet Muldoon, colourist at Larry King hair salon. In terms of what’s involved from a salon commitment point of view to stick with Parisian Blonde Harriet recommends “a set of classic lights with a smudge for a natural blend, and you will need it topped up around every 3 months.” She also recommends investing in a good shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask to keep the hair healthy in-between appointments - she likes Olaplex No.3, £28 - as well as a nourishing balm that you can keep applying to your hair a bit like hand cream. Larry King A Social Life For Your Hair, £12 is her favourite.

4. The 2023 box bob as seen on Model Hailey Bieber 

While we're not going to pretend the bob is a new trend, much like the best red lipsticks, the bob always comes back around every trend season with just a slightly different spin or angle. For 2023 it’s all about embracing the classic bob with just a slightly longer length, just as internet-breaking Hailey Bieber (of Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails fame) has done. “This is an extremely classic look made famous originally by Vidal Sassoon in 1976,” says Syd Hayes who styles the hair of some of the biggest supermodels you can think of such as Bella Hadid and Kate Moss. If you're brave enough to cut your hair yourself, then Syd recommends using clippers to create that really blunt, sharp edge. We will leave the cutting to the pros but will definitely have Syd’s favourite straightener - the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Straightener, £180 - on hand to keep our bob looking sleek and smooth as is required.

5. Fire red as seen on House of the Dragon star Emma D’Arcy

If going blonde isn’t your bag then there’s another hot hair colour 2023 hair trend for you. Red. And we mean red. “Reds are going to be a big colour for this year,” says Moodie. And it’s all about going as vibrant as possible. “Think shades of bright vermillion or fire red. Not everybody wants the balayage blonde that's seen everywhere, or can even be a blonde for that matter, and the vibrancy of colour like this means that naturally red or darker-haired clients can just go for it and have fun.” The only downside? “These reds tend to fade fairly fast so you will need to keep topping it up, however, this also means that you can vary the red shade each time and be playful.”

6. The Ultra-Short Afro as styled by Hair Artist Charlotte Mensah

“We’re seeing a lot of close-cropped afros coming into 2023,” says Live True London’s expert stylist, Tyler Moore “It's such a chic style and I absolutely love it.” How cropped is cropped though? Tyler recommends choosing a length of around 1 inch to maintain versatility and allow for some styling if wanted. And the pros of taking your afro a bit shorter? "It’s much easier to change up your look with different wigs, as there’s no need to go back to the salon to get wig braids but you will need to spend just as much time styling it as you would on a normal wash day," says Tyler.

7. The versatile fringe as seen on Wednesday star Jenna Ortega

Fringes don't always have the best rep. Often seen as the ultimate break-up style which is instantly regretted as well as perhaps the most demanding of haircuts. However, this year they have a softer look and a much more low-maintenance attitude. “These types of fringes are great for women with longer hair who tend to always style their hair with a soft wave, a little bit of texture or tousle but are a bit bored!" says Moodie. "They want something different but they don't want a dramatic cut." Step in the versatile fringe, as sported by many a celeb. “The versatile fringe sits just below eyebrow length and is not completely blunt cut, making it far more versatile. It can be worn forward and be a little French where it’s slightly overgrown and the eyes are peeping through, or they can be parted central into a curtain fringe, or worn to one side for a bit more glam. And if the hair is a little wavy or curly the fringe can be worn with its natural texture too.”  *phones hairdresser immediately*