From flashes of foil to snowballs and interplanetary purples, here’s your go-to guide for keeping your finger on the pulse

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From sequins to metallics and glitter, the shops are full of festive fabrics at the moment - and no, we’re not talking about clothes here. Nailwear has fast become the new partywear and with so many options to choose from, there’s never been a better time to get creative with your colours.

From exciting new in-salon nail art designs to new season nail polishes that provide a quick and easy way to try something different, these are the shades and services you’re going to love.

Flickers of foil

For digits that will have people doing a double take, book in at House of Lady Muck at Topshop . Super speedy, they made GTG writer Anna Hunter’s nails twinkle like a disco ball at lightning pace and, if that’s not enough to convince you to get down there, it’s also refreshing affordable too. Prices start from £2 per nail or £10 for a set, with a CND Vinylux Manicure priced at just £18. It’s a habit we’re likely to continue well into the New Year.

Book here .

Fully loaded glitter




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If you’re looking for serious levels of sparkle, you’ll love Nails Inc’s new nail polish duo called Less Bitter More Glitter , £15. ‘Get The Party Started,’ a bright crimson, acts as the perfect base, while ‘Shake Your Baubles,’ a ruby red full of micro glitter pigment, offers incredible coverage in a single stroke. Want to see it in action? Click ‘Play’ on this hypnotic video posted by @alinasnailplace on Instagram.

Simple snowballs

If you’d prefer a more pared back party season look, then this great idea from Dryby London’s for you. An easy yet eye-catching way to personalise your mani, it looks great on both nude and darker backgrounds in our experience. Either leave it in the steady hands of the nail and hair studio’s technicians, or, to try it at home, dot on Mavala Nail Colour in White , £5.20, with a toothpick - break off the point and smooth it over before using it though.

Book in at Dryby here . £48 for a gel mani, price of nail art on consultation.

Interplanetary plums and pinks




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This colour-shifting look is a personal favourite of mine due to its ability to look great in any light. Best created using Ciate London’s new season Gelology shades, After Dark  (a purple to blue number) and Forbidden Fruit  (£12) (magenta to green), you’ll catch yourself admiring your nails at random points of the day as you tap away on your keyboard. I'm also a big fan of Cyber Violet by Mavala  - its multi-dimensional shine is almost chrome-like.

Cable knit nails




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If you love a dose of texture added to your gels, then Townhouse’s All Wrapped Up design from their Festive Nail Art Collection will be right up your street. Inspired by the cosiness of your favourite woolly jumper, it’s the perfect way to layer up this winter.

Price: £58 for a gel manicure + nail art. Book here .

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