Cowshed's Bust Firming Serum helps to give you a killer cleavage - minus the surgery

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At GTG we like to encourage women to embrace what their mamma gave them and anything that stops people from going under the knife is a plus for us. So when we heard about the new Bust Firming Serum from Cowshed we were positively over the mooooon.

Packed with a special toning and firming seaweed blend, this product includes kelp to detoxify, pearl moss to rejuvenate and bladderwrack to help improve skin elasticity. As a result, this sensational serum works to give an invisible ‘bra effect’, making your chest look plumper, perkier and smoother.

It’s also formulated using a trio of nourishing oils including tamanu, macadamia nut and borage seed that strengthen skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. On top of this, essential oils of sweet orange, grapefruit, ylang ylang and mandarin red stimulate, tone and condition skin while carrot seed oil helps to break down any nasty toxins you might have lying around.

Simply apply the serum from the base of the chest to the chin and repeat morning and evening to ensure you get the full perky potential - it’s your cleavage's new best friend!

Cowshed Slender Cow Bust Firming Serum, £36. Buy online at