If you like Benefit's Hoola bronzer, you'll want to save the date for these Aldi beauty drops. Plus the genius £7.99 beauty storage tower we're buying now

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Aldi is well known for duping big-name brands such as Charlotte Tilbury and Nars, with sellout results. This week sees the launch of two classic Benefit cheek colour dupes in the budget chain’s Lacura beauty range. The Lacura Dream Big Bronzer, £4.99 (below) takes more than a little inspiration from Benefit’s iconic Hoola bronzing powder.

Meanwhile, the Lacura Show Up Highlighter, also £4.99 (below) which promises more of a sunkissed glow, looks not unlike Benefit’s Cookie Powder Highlighter, although it appears to be a slightly darker shade.

Aldi tells us that its products are 78 per cent cheaper than Benefits’ £27.50 originals. They come similarly presented in a bijou cardboard box with mirror and miniature brush.

Both are available to pre-order online from 22 August 20201 and in-store on 26 August 2021.

It’s not the first time Aldi has duped Hoola. In 2018, we reported on the Aloha Bronzer, which cost £5.99  – nice to see the price has come down in this latest iteration. While back then our verdict was that it didn’t match up to the original in terms of staying power, it certainly looked the part. We're waiting for or samples to see if the 2021 version performs.

More excitingly, for me at least as someone whose bathroom can easily hit peak product, is Aldi’s latest  Specialbuy . There’s nothing more satisfying or space-saving when it comes to storing (and even colour-coding) your products than a revolving beauty storage tower (I should know, I own two, although mine cost £21.99 from Amazon). Now Aldi has entered the game with its  Kirkton House Make-Up Storage Tower, £7.99.  a third of the price of my Amazon storage.

It's slightly smaller than my Amazon buys, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for bijou spaces and to slot inside cupboards. It’s available in white or clear now online and in-store. You'll be racing me there.

Buy the Aldi Make-Up Storage Tower, £7.99 now.

Preorder Lacura Dream Big Bronzer, £4.99 and Lacura Show Up Highlighter, £4.99 from 22 August at  Aldi.co.uk

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