Heads up: in time for Valentine's Day, the supermarket is bringing out new slogan candles and a limited run of fragrance favourites

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Aldi's just-announced Valentine's Day collection sees the return of the stampede-inducing three-wick Jo Malone dupe mega candle  as well as three 'slogan' candles that (visually at least) punch above their price tag. Samples weren't available so we're not able to tell you whether the three scents, in their red, nude and blue glass holders are an olfactory winner just yet, or whether they burn down evenly, but on the looks front, we think they are pretty chic.

Launching on the 7 February  (just in time for Valentine's Day) Desire, Love and Fantasy are £3.99 each - you can light the wick without the fear of watching your budget burn away. Fantasy describes itself as "a deliciously rich coffee, jasmine and vanilla scent", Desire: "a deep and luxurious velvet and orchid combination with notes of sweet honey," and Love: "a rose, violet and vanilla fragrance ideal for floral scent worshippers." As you'd expect for the price, they are not made of luxury natural wax, but paraffin.

Back too on 7 February are last year's sell-out Chanel fragrance dupes , 5th Element (for Chanel No5 fans) featuring notes of fresh rose and jasmine and Feminie (if you love Coco Mademoiselle) a woody, fruity aroma. When we spritzed them in the office back in 2018, our verdict was that they were definitely up to scratch with the originals and that you might even find the Aldi EDT more wearable than the heavier £110 EDP designer originals.

Priced at £6.99 for 100ml, the glass bottles get our vote too on budget style. The three-wick No.3 Candle Centrepiece is £9.99 and available in two fragrances, pomegranate or lime, basil and mandarin.

If you're looking for a Valentine's Day option that won't break the bank, they've got to be worth a go.

Aldi's budget buys will be available in-store only from 7th February

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