Got a beauty issue? This new app has an answer for everything

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What does it do?

Its a top-to-toe collection of advice, tips and exclusive how-to videos created by the former beauty editor of Harpers Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, Zoe Foster. Using step-by-step instructions and stunning photography, Amazing Face provides answers on all things beauty, whether it’s how to hide a hangover, dig yourself out of a DIY disaster or find the nearest place to purchase the perfect red lippy.

Special features

To be honest, we’ve got a whole list. Firstly, Zoe doesn’t just talk about her all-time favourite products and remedies, she also directs you towards your nearest store or online retailer so you can purchase them for yourself with the in-built  directory.

She’s also got you covered when you encounter those all-too-frequent beauty mishaps (we’re looking at you, fake tan) with a designated SOS section to help guide you through the tough times.

Also pretty cool is the random beauty fact that pops up every time you shake your phone. What can we say, we’re easy to please.

Probably our fave feature of all though is the list of questions and handling techniques she gives for when seeing a hairdresser, waxer or colourist so that you never again fall prey to their overzealous and ‘creative’ hands.

Why do we need it?

Mainly because she’s the super cool, pushy friend we’ve always wanted, hooking us up with great insider advice and bringing out our sassy sides in the salons. Also, stripped-back, honest advice is hard to come by, especially in the beauty industry so when you find it you had better hold on to it! We guarantee that Amazing Face will become your new go-to beauty bible.

Why do we love it?

Approachable and practical, Zoe keeps it real by tackling all the beauty queries that real women face daily; such as how to achieve a smoky eye that doesn’t border on trashy or how to apply makeup to conceal a particularly aggressive pimple. It’s no-nonsense, easy to follow and fresh, like getting beauty advice from a best friend who actually knows what they’re talking about.

Available on itunes , £2.49