If you're so spoilt for choice when it comes to nail colours that you find yourself struggling to decide which one to wear, the OPI nail app is for you, writes Eilidh Robertson

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For some of us even the most basic decisions in life can be a struggle; lunchtime is pretty much a minefield of monumental choices and don’t get us started on our near constant ‘to gym or not to gym’ internal debate.

But while Tuna Mayo versus BLT is undeniably tough, choosing a nail varnish shade is basically mission impossible. Whereas chances are you probably won’t remember what you had for lunch come dinnertime, you’re stuck with the colour of your nails for at least a week – unless, of course, you can justify two manicures in a week (we won’t judge…).

Our indecision, however, can surely be forgiven when you consider all the factors involved in choosing a nail colour. You need a shade that reflects personality, trends and season – not to mention, match all of the following week’s outfits. So it’s little surprise that we spend a solid five minutes browsing umpteen shelves in the salon, only to change our mind before the (increasingly impatient) manicurist has finished the first nail.

As is the case with fashion, not all trends are made for everyone. So if you’re eager to copy the pale nails seen at Chanel and Marc Jacobs this spring or perhaps the more gothic shades featured in Marchesa and Vera Wang but you’re not sure if they’ll suit you, the OPI app is for you.

Simply download the app on your way to the salon, match your skin tone to the app’s virtual hand and then test out hundreds of different shades – without working your way through several bottles of nail varnish remover.

From Dim Sum Plum to Strawberry Margarita and Green-wich Village to Alpine Snow, you can plan your manicures months ahead. Voila, lifesaver of the indecisive… although we prefer the term ‘creatively considerate’.

The OPI Nail app is free and available from iTunes .