From scraping out the last smatterings of brilliant moisturisers to desperately trying to get one more spritz out of gorgeous scents - these are the beauty and wellness wonders we've finished this month

Any products in this article have been selected editorially however if you buy something we mention, we may earn commission

We are very lucky at GTG towers. Every day we get sent lots of amazing new products to try out so that we can share our recommendations and thoughts with you.
Sometimes, we use a product a few times to get a good feel for it before moving on to the next (FYI nothing ever goes to waste and our friends and family are very happy recipients of half-used lotions and potions). However, we know when a team member has found a wellness or beauty gem because it will be taken home and scraped and squeezed to the very last drop. And that’s what makes our empties edits so special. Scroll on to discover everything we've used up this month because we think you will love them just as much.

Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

Beauty Pie The Firewall Blend, £25 for members, £80 non-members

"Fancy a bit of oomph in your shower or bath? The Firewall Blend is aromatherapy on steroids with zhuzhing eucalyptus and mint for your uppers and calming frankincense for your downers. The idea is that it puts a firewall between you and whatever life is about to throw at you. It puts you in a ‘can’t touch me’ power bubble. I’m an evening shower person and love the way this immediately creates distance between me and my day with just a few drops."


Bioderma Sensibio H20 Eye, was £14 now £9.80

"There’s 30 per cent off Bioderma at Face The Future at the moment, which is handy as my favourite gentle eye makeup remover has run out. I only ever use a micellar water cleanser around the eyes (they are essentially liquid soaps, I prefer a cream cleanser for my face) and always rinse off afterwards. This one is gentle enough to skip the rinse and because it’s biphase (ie with a bit of oil in) it gets off waterproof makeup too.”"


Lisa Eldridge Insanely Saturated Lip Colour in Sunday Matinee, £27

"In the same way as you’d have a perfume that it your signature smell, this is ‘my’ lipstick. It’s the perfect rose nude that looks both natural and dressy at the same time. Whenever I’m wearing it in an Instagram video I’m asked what it is. It’s creamy, with long-wear and like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way."


Scandinavian Biolabs Bio-Pilixin Conditioner, £26 (£22 on subscription)

"This new hair biotech brand caught my eye because it’s dedicated to solving early stage thinning, shedding and breakage. There’s a range of supplements and haircare, including the big guns for hair shedding - a daily scalp tonic and a scalp microneedling tool. The topicals all have an ingredient derived from turmeric shown to increase the anagen (growth) phase of hair, plus caffeine and amino acids. What I particularly like about the conditioner is that it feeds and moisturises your scalp at the same time as your hair."


SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Dr Sam Bunting Skincare Flawless Cleanser, £18

"This is one of those products I feel confident recommending to absolutely everyone regardless of their skin type or concerns because it ticks all the boxes. It’s not too pricey, it doesn’t clog pores, it doesn’t strip skin of natural oils, it won’t irritate sensitive or reactive skin, it’s suitable for acne prone skin, rosacea, dry skin and oily complexions. It’s a no-fuss cleanser that does everything it should do and nothing that it shouldn’t, created by the brilliant brain of one of the best dermatologists around."


Diptyque Opsis EDP, £215 for 75ml

"Yes, this is spenny however - as is true of most pricier things - it has been so beautifully formulated, using the best ingredients, that you only need a few spritzes every time you wear it. This bottle has lasted me just over a year. Why do I love it? It’s one of those dark, smoky, sultry, musky scents (it was inspired by what London theatres might have smelt like in the 1920s) but it’s not overwhelming thanks to just the right amount of citrus that cuts through and gives it a moment of uplift. I’ve worn it during the day, for night’s out and I’m upset that I can’t get even one more tiny spray from it."


Child’s Farm SlumberTime Bath Soak, £6.50

"While this is predominantly used on my children - one of my daughters has quite bad eczema and the whole Child’s Farm range is excellent for her skin - I like to sneak it into my own nightime baths too. It has a soft lavender scent but most importantly, it really bubbles up. I’m not quite sure why so many grown-up bath products skimp on the bubbles. For me, that is what makes an excellent bath, and this does that without leaving your skin feeling dry and tight."


Ffør Re:Nourish Conditioner, £19.50

"I was introduced to this product via our last Beauty Awards and I’ve been a fan ever since. It contains a colour protection complex, is sulphate free and leaves hair feeling beautifully soft and hydrated but the big plus point for me is the scent. It has a gorgeous woody-herbal scent with a bit of cinnamon (but doesn’t smell like Christmas) that feels like something you’d sniff in a Byredo store. It’s a joy to get that in the shower when doing something as fairly dull as washing your hair. You’ll be pleased to know there is a matching shampoo too."


Ingeborg van Lotringen, GTG Contributing Beauty Editor

Revitalash Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel, £33 

"Brow mascara is definitely my brow product of choice, but one issue they have is that the formula tends to clump on the brush (especially if it has volumising fibres), forcing you to either spend long minutes scraping it on the lip of the tube, or risking looking like Ming the Merciless with globules of product in your brows. This, however, is a fine gel that never clumps, with a brush that deposits just the right amount of product in a few light swipes. It’s glossy as well, shapes and sets brows without them going crunchy, and it has peptides and oat beta glucan to nourish and fortify. Makes life easy."


Curél Plumping Hydrating Gel Essence, £19.50 

"I’ve become quite addicted to this, so I’ve gone through the bottle in no time: once you get used to layering extra moisture under your serum and cream (or just patting it on any time you need it), you never want to be without that ultra-quenched but entirely non-oily feeling. Water-like but with a silky-slip and fragrance-free, this immediately replenishes barrier-building ceramides and infuses antioxidants from eucalyptus and ginger root. It’s like a hydrating skin shield that helps skin remain calm. Officially for sensitive, mature skin, absolutely anyone can use and benefit from this."


Cytoplan Magnesium Bisglycinate, £12.30

"The problem with magnesium is that it too often works as a glorified laxative, as not all of the types of magnesium, nor the formulas, are equally bio-available. But I had no such issues with these two-a-day capsules, which are easy on the stomach to boot. There are no synthetic filler ingredients or additives here; just plant-based nutrients."


Seoulista Instant Wonder Oil-To-Milk Cleanser, £15 

"A lovely silky cleansing oil with the faintest lychee scent, it feels really pampering and rich but not oily at all – it’s got as many humectants as it has oils in the formula. It’s pretty good at loosening and melting eye makeup before it turns to milk when you add water but it won’t quite dissolve it to rinse away clean; you’ll need a separate eye makeup remover. Leaves skin conditioned and comfortable and looks jolly on the bathroom shelf; this has been one cleanser I’ve returned to again and again."


Florence Scordoulis, GTG Contributing Editor

Curlsmith Root Boost Uplifting Spray, £24

"I’m obsessed with Curlsmith’s Volume Recipe range - especially this magic root booster, which is a game-changer if you have fine curls. Spritz the liquid generously onto wet hair at the roots, for an instant, bouncy lift with plenty of movement. The effect is most voluptuous when finished with a diffuser. It dries without feeling sticky or dehydrating your curls like a harsh texture spray. "


Super Facialist Vegan Collagen SleepSmart Overnight Resync Night Cream, £20

"If you can’t stand a heavy night cream, this one is for you: the consistency is rich but feels silky and light - with a fresh, feel-good scent. It harnesses the power of the sea, with hydrating ingredients like red algae extract, so your skin feels plumper and smoother in the morning. The plant-based marine collagen helps to soften the appearance of fine lines - especially those pesky 'elevens' between the brows."


Function of Beauty Super Shape Curl Cream, £13

"Suitable for curls that get dry easily or suffer from breakage, this customisable cream is a real thirst-quencher. The moringa and caster oils are intensely hydrating, plus sugarcane helps to enhance elasticity, for softer definition. Try mixing in a Hair Goal Add In Booster shot, £4, to your bottle, for either extra frizz-fighting or shine. The best part is the mango fragrance, with a twist of grapefruit. Divine."


NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Eye Liner, £9.99

"Anyone still chasing that perfect cat-eye flick: look no further. The fine, feathered tip of this eye liner is super precise, yet surprisingly easy to apply. You'll sweep on a bold, black pigment that stands out, with or without an eye shadow base. The staying power is unrivalled, lasting from day to night: but beware, it takes some muscle to scrub off!"