Could a simple piece of tape be the answer to ageing? Katie Robertson checks out the new alternative to Botox

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The subject of wrinkles and frown lines has been a hot topic recently in GTG HQ with most of the Glossy Posse absolutely terrified at the idea of premature frown lines. Naming no names, some have even owned up to restricting their facial expressions as much as possible in the hope of preserving their youthful skin. Madness.

The fear of a fiercely furrowed brow has been causing women to go to more extreme lengths with more and more opting for surgical and invasive procedures such as face lifts, fillers and Botox. However, for those who prefer to dodge the knife there’s a new product on the market that might just be our new skin saviour.

The first product of this nature was in fact invented way back in 1889 and given the spectacularly awesome name of ‘Frownie’. They were designed by mother Margaret Kroesen, who created the patches to help her daughter beat her terrible frown lines - quite a sweet sentiment if not slightly harsh. Surprisingly, Frownies actually went on to achieve huge success and became a beauty fave amongst the Hollywood elite.

The most recent edition, however, is the new hypoallergenic frown line patch from Realine Beauty that claims to naturally and effectively smooth your skin while you sleep. Made from tape, the patches are designed to restrict the forehead from movement and 're-educate’ the skin area to give a smooth and relaxed appearance during the course of the night.

Designed for home use or even on your travels, the Realine Beauty patch gives you the personal power to improve your appearance and to easily reduce frown lines, eliminating dependence on cosmetic procedures, beauty therapists or expensive so-called miracle potions.

So, do they actually work? A whopping 84% of clinical trial participants seem to think so with them stating that their frown lines appeared smoother after having used the patch.

Whilst we’re sure it’s no miracle cure, here at GTG we’re big fans of anything that encourages people to be kind to their skin and say no to the needle. Now, where did we put that Sellotape?