Ayesha Muttucumaru wakes up to what she really needs in order to get a good night's sleep...

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Usually the only problem that I have with sleeping is making sure that I wake up. Like a bear in the depths of its winter hibernation, odds are if you wake me up, I will probably maul you. Great news for my housemates I’m sure. You have been warned.

However as of late, I just haven’t been able to nod off, having opted to swap my bedtime book for my laptop and my mug of hot cocoa for my iPhone (hmmm, I think I may have found the root cause of my insomnia). It’s time that I rewire my nighttime routine and opt for a bit of R&R instead, courtesy of the latest sleep-inducing launches from Aromatherapy Associates.

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The perfect duo for calming both skin and spirit, the new Relax Massage and Body Oil , £41 and Deep Relax Balm , £18 have proven to be the perfect bedtime buddies (with the exception of Henry Cavill of course). For a Superman-sized hit of hydration for skin suffering the effects of the dreadful weather outside, I suggest suiting up with a generous layer of oil before and after showering to nourish and soften the driest of limbs. With camomile to calm frazzled nerves, natural sedative vetivert to unwind and ylang ylang to steady emotions, it makes for a harmonious blend of soothing scents to de-stress the most overactive of buzzing minds.

Should your night not be all plain sailing and an overzealous dustman, noisy neighbour or a nasty nightmare causes you to jump out of your jammies (mine last starred a flying spider – bloody terrifying), then help is at hand in the form of the portable Balm. Containing sandalwood in addition to camomile and vetivert, it’s helped provide a much-needed dose of comfort when I’ve been feeling my most frantic - whether that’s been in the middle of the night or when crammed against the armpit of a fellow rush hour London commuter. Simply apply to temples and pulse points to help instil a moment of clarity among the chaos.

With these taking pride of place on my bedside cabinet in place of my abundance of gadgets and gizmos, hopefully it’s only a matter of time before I reclaim my full 8 hours…