The Botaniques Collection from de Mamiel is aromatherapy at its very best; Ayesha Muttucumaru tests it out for a New Year boost

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This week, I’ll be leaving the January blues behind me by treating both body and mind to some much needed therapy, or more specifically aromatherapy, with the de Mamiel Botaniques Collection.

Created by GTG and wellbeing expert, aromatherapist and leading acupuncturist Annee de Mamiel , this stress alleviating range of mood and complexion boosters are made up of the highest grade essential oils and hand-blended, organic and fair trade ingredients to provide a variety of relaxing blends for a moment of calm whether it’s the beginning, middle or end of a stressful day.

Still on snooze mode? Opt for the luxuriously textured and citrusy Restorative Cleansing Balm , £46 for a pre-morning pick-me-up.

Flagging at midday? Just opt for a subtle deskside spritz of the Dewy Facial Mist , £42, which contains rose and neroli to nourish, aloe and cucumber to soothe and lupine peptides to strengthen. Or apply a quick slick of the camellia, babassu and evening primrose-infused Rosey Lip Balm , £10 to give parched pouts a touch of heavy hydration instead.

Feeling a tad ‘icky’ after a rush hour commute under someone’s armpit? Don’t worry, de-congest and de-stress using the intelligently formulated powder-to-paste Brightening Cleanse & Exfoliate , £38, to gently slough away dead skin cells and Underground grime. Top off with the super nourishing Salvation Body Oil , £60 to rescue dehydrated legs and arms, for a goodnight treat that’ll have you feeling suitably ready for bed.

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My absolute favourite product in the range though has to be the Restoration Body Serum, £46. With my lizard-like limbs currently suffering the effects of the wind, cold and rain, this intensive elixir has thankfully brought them back to life thanks to its jam-packed roster of revitalising ingredients. Brimming with the essential fatty acid-rich oils of sea buckthorn, kukui and baobab, it’s effectively allowed me to make the transition from scaly to smooth with a few generous sweeps. Not only that, but it absorbs really quickly and its soothing, uplifting scent has given me a serious fast-track fix of feel good factor, not seen since 5pm on Christmas Day when I was waist-deep in a tin of Celebrations. (Although there isn’t a date set for its sale as of yet, Annee will be taking pre-sale requests from those who register on  or send in an email to ).

Food for the skin and spirit, this is one collection that’s provided just the sensory shot of TLC to my New Year beauty regime that I’ve been in need of. Proving that good skincare is part journey and part destination, this multi-faceted skincare approach really couldn’t have come at a better time.