Givenchy has released a new Collector Edition of their Very Irrésistible Fragrance to mark its tenth anniversary. Ayesha Muttucumaru writes about the memories the scent evokes for her...

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You never forget your first. It was on Christmas Day of 2003, where as a seventeen year old I welcomed a new edition to my posse of 90s perfumes. I had acquired an impressive collection of So...?s, Charlie Reds, Tommy Girls and Hot & Cold United Colours of Benetton over the years but now, something new was needed and it came in the form of the tall, slick and stylishly lilac-hued Very Irrésistible Eau de Toilette - my very first ‘grown-up’ fragrance.

Even to this day, whenever I catch its scent in the air I’m instantly transported back to a time when my tastes both in make-up and fashion were making the tentative transition from teen to adult. Yes there were a few ahem, hiccups along the way, but the one beauty buy that I could always rely on to offset my brigade of brash blues and onslaught of over-zealous plucking was my fail-safe bottle of Very Irrésistible and each of its variations throughout the years.

A decade on and now we welcome its latest incarnation in the form of the new Collector Edition , £58.50, released to mark its landmark anniversary. With the ever-stylish Amanda Seyfried as the face of the fragrance, it pays tribute to the flower at the centre of its unique bouquet, courtesy of an array of cerise-coloured buds adorning the bottle and the inclusion of ten sweet-smelling rose notes too.

One of those rare scents that appeals to a wide range of different noses, tastes and styles, unlike other beauty faux pas of years gone by, this is one nostalgic blast from our beauty pasts that we’re more than willing to welcome back and embrace with open arms.