Ayesha Muttucumaru pores over the new scents from Jo Malone which take inspiration from rainy days in the capital

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From the pitter patter of a downpour at dusk to the refreshing scent of dew at dawn, the new London Rain collection from Jo Malone  captures the surprisingly beautiful facets of an otherwise stormy forecast.

According to the creator, Master Perfumer Christine Nagel, “The initial concept from Jo Malone London was to create a scented portrait of London to conjure up the romantic and deeply intense rainy days.” She adds, “Imagine the soft, bewitching scent of a light rain glistening over a wisteria tree that has wound itself around a stony wall or the sensual aroma of pathways carpeted in moss awash with thunderous rain.”

With a collection of four different but equally enigmatic colognes to choose from, whether you’re looking for a new season scent to add a new dimension to your fragrance wardrobe or perhaps a new way to wear rain that doesn’t involve a sopping head of hair, each provides a unique take on all the different types of drizzle. There’s never been a better excuse to get caught in the rain.


£82, www.jomalone.co.uk

Inspired by the glassy dew of a London park at dawn, this refreshing scent with notes of rain, angelica, lime basil and mandarin and vetiver is just the wake-up call that’s worth getting out of bed for. Crisp, rejuvenating with a rich undertone running through, it’s the perfect choice for those who have a penchant for lighter citruses.


£82, www.jomalone.co.uk

My personal favourite, the sweet-smelling combination of water lily, wisteria, and patchouli makes for a heady combination of wet blooms reminiscent of a delicate morning shower. One for those who prefer their perfume with a teaspoon of sugar.


£82, www.jomalone.co.uk

Notes of fresh mint leaf, heirloom jasmine and maté leaf gives a mid-afternoon drenching a positive new spin. Floral and uplifting, accents of bergamot, Earl Grey and cucumber give this variation an individual and inviting edge.


£82, www.jomalone.co.uk

Capturing the darkness of a night time rainstorm, this most sensual member of the collection exudes an air of mystery and danger. Cumin, chilli leaves and juniper merge with black cedarwood and Pomegranate Noir for a truly eclectic mix to exude the humidity and heat of a post-shower capital.