No matter what you wear this New Year's Eve make sure your nails are suitably dressed with Organic Glam. Ayesha Muttucumaru tells you why

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There’s no better time to add a bit of glitz to your nailwear hardware than New Year’s Eve. However, as much as I like the idea of a glitter top coat in theory, in practice I’d love to find an alternative that doesn’t catch on to my newly purchased dress, nor require paint stripper to remove the following day.

So when Organic Pharmacy came to the rescue with its selection of new Organic Glam All That Glitters Nail Polishes , £10 each, I knew my dilemma was thankfully solved just in time for the impending month of festive fun and frolics.

With three new glistening holiday shades to choose from, both the shimmer-shy and sparkle showboats alike can dip their toes (and fingers) into the molten metal pool, for a splash of glitter that’s eye-catching, understated and elegant in equal measure.

Available in brazen bronze Dorothy, crimson Ruby Slippers and teal Emerald City, each is as versatile as it is flattering to suit every occasion. Whether you’re looking to turn on the glam on December 31st or need a sophisticated alternative to your daytime nude, this trio of iridescent head-turners are sure to add a lustrous touch of illumination to your make-up bag, dressing table and your LBD too.