From tanning drops to a body buffing serum and the only tinted moisturiser you'll need – all under £23

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There's a reason why Beauty Pie's drops get us so excited; these top-notch formulations are made in some of the best cosmetics labs in the world and the unique buyer's club business model means they're available practically at cost. No wonder we're filling our boots with the latest bronzing and glow-getting skincare and makeup

What's new? There are scent-free tanning drops without a hint of orange, a high-performance body glycolic for the perfect pre-tan base and a tinted body moisturiser that has everything you want for summer hydration and to take the edge off pasty limbs. We also spied a face palette that's a great dupe for Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit.

Just out are two new Triple Hyaluronic products land. They're from the same family as  Beauty Pie's iconic   Triple Hyaluronic Acid & Lipopeptide Serum  (£16.96 for members), which has thousands of five-star reviews and industry insider fans. It's joined by a Triple Hyaluronic Hyaluronic Deep Moisture Cream, £15.10 that’s as good for dry skins as oily and has and has a texture like the best pudding you’ve ever eaten and Triple Hyaluronic Eye Serum, £9,82  with a unique ingredient to tighten upper eye bags.

Best of all, nothing costs more than £15.15 for members apart from the new luxury Casa Coco scented candle, still a steal at £22.15.

Not a member of Beauty Pie yet? Use the code GTGSENTME when you sign up  and get an extra £50 to spend. (How does Beauty Pie work? Founder  Marcia Kilgore explains here .)

Dr Glycolic High Potency Perfecting & Exfoliating Body Lotion, Typical price £50, members pay £13.66

This super potent 20 per cent glycolic acid body serum is a great summer skin smoother – highly effectve the night before a self-tan and for bumpy areas such as the backs of the arms where ‘chicken skin’ (keratosis pilaris) can appear. It definitely smells like you’re in peel territory (there's no added fragrance) but when I tried it, it didn’t feel drying thanks to hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and shea butter. If using it on the neck and décolletage don’t leave it on for more than 20 minutes, advises Marcia.

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Awesome Bronze Luxe Shimmer Oil Body Balm, typical price £40, members price £14.86

This jar of whipped loveliness is as much a pick me up for the sense as for the skin as well as being immensely practical. It uses the same base as Beauty Pie's cult and divine smelling   Super Health Skin Deluxe Moisture Crème  £15.02 but with a hint of tint and subtle shimmer which will up-level your summer colour. I use it all over - arms, chest, legs feet. It's rich in oils and butters but sinks in like a dream with no transfer and has a gorgeous scent of tropical flowers and vanilla.

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Awesome Bronze Sun-Kissed Glow Self-Tanning Drops, typical price £40, members price £8.54

When Marcia was formulating this hydrating self-tan serum, it had to pass the ‘no orange’ test, and her own pale skin was it’s toughest customer. These drops can go straight on to cleansed skin. I started gently with a four drops in my mosituriser and by lunchtime I was pleasantly warmed up with no streaking. The next day I was braver and put it on neat for a deeper and foundation-free base.

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Wondergloss Collagen Lip Oil+, Sunhazed, typical price £25, members price £7.96

I already love Beauty Pie’s Collagen Lip Oils; I actually prefer them to a gloss – they are not as sticky, but feel intensely soft and vibrant and have the nourishment of a balm. This new nude-bronze shade pulls your dewy summer glow together in a very grown-up way. There's shimmer, but it's subtle - no eighties frosting here.

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Glow-All Super Powder Face Palette, typical price £48, members price £17.12

We're still waiting for this one to drop both on-site and into our hands for testing. But for devotees of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette, this is a potentially exciting dupe. All BP's products are made in factories that produce the high end and high price cosmetics we know and love, so expect fine milling and pigment payoff.

Casa Coco Candle - typical price £50, members price £22.15

My own Beauty Pie membership (I have the £5 monthly basic option) pays for itself with the scented candles alone (current morning mood: the herby Bergamot and Wild Basil candle £17.02 ) and I always reuse the jars as makeup brush or pen holders. Casa Coco is your beachy summer scent of vanilla, tonka bean and coconut with added zing from blood orange and lemon essential oils. If this were a cocktail I'd drink it.

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Beauty Pie Triple Hyaluronic Deep Moisture Cream - typical price £60, members price £13.89

I was blown away by the texture of this velvety cream which is like nothing I’ve ever tried – puddingy but with a primer-like payoff. It coats the skin in a veil of moisture both day and night. I lose a lot of moisture at night and the acid test for any new cream is whether it keeps my face soft and supple - no one likes a Sahara morning face. I love it as an all-rounder for my dehydrated skin, while Marcia says it’s also a perfect lightweight summer switch-up for her oily complexion. Three weights of hyaluronic acid penetrate different levels of the skin. It pairs really well with actives too and goes over pretty much any serum without pilling.

Beauty Pie Triple Hyaluronic Elastic Lifting Eye Serum - typical price £50, members price £9.82

The killer ingredient in this Swiss-formulated hydrating eye cream three per cent ‘Beautifye’ which tackles dark circles, fine lines, visible wrinkles and sagging around the eyes, including upper eyelid tightening. I have hooded eyes so am mainlining this one. There’s caffeine too, to reduce puffiness and it's scent-free to minimise irritation.

Not a member of Beauty Pie yet? Use the code GTGSENTME when you sign up  and get an extra £50 to spend.

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