New month, new beauty treats - but would you prefer a sexy new eye palette, a bargain moisturiser or, er, some shower slime? Here 's our edit of the best in show, from just £9.

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We get hundreds (no exaggeration) of new beauty, wellbeing and health launches sent to the Get The Gloss office every week - we tap away on our laptops amid teetering towers of boxes - so it’s a huge job to sort the wheat from the chaff. But we diligently test everything, discuss our findings, and sometimes even fight over our favourites. Our Glossy Picks edit this week includes an eyeshadow stick so clever it even wowed our hard-to-impress contributing editor Inge, an unusual coffee-flavoured fragrance and a £9 slime-based shower gel which sounds gross but really isn’t. Enjoy!

SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Kosas BB Burst Tinted Gel Cream, £34

“If, like me, you favour lightweight, fairly sheer tinted moisturiser type products as a base then you will love this. I certainly do and have been wearing it every day since it landed on my desk. It is a hydrating gel-cream that blends really easily and sinks into the skin in seconds. One pump will give your whole face a light wash of coverage, apply another for more of a medium coverage effect. Or you may want to go in with your favourite concealer. It comes in 24 shades and sadly doesn’t contain SPF so make sure you apply that underneath.”


Rosalique 3 in 1 Balm Cleanser, £29.99

“Formulated for those who have rosacea, eczema or sensitive skin, this cleanser also works as a makeup remover and a mask. It contains centella asiatica and oatmeal to take the sting and redness out of skin, aloe vera to maintain the integrity of the skin barrier, as well as shea butter and sweet almond and olive oil to leave it feeling nourished. It is on the heavy, balmy side and doesn’t emulsify when water is added - so you will need to use a cloth to get it all off but it leaves skin feeling silky soft, plump and juicy.”


Nars Eyeshadow Palette in Afterglow Irresistible, £55

“Every so often an eyeshadow palette comes along that really ticks all the boxes (it’s surprising how many don’t), and this is one. It contains 12 colours - four matte, four slightly pearlised and four foiled -but all sitting within the pink, brown, gold colour family. They’re the sort of shades that work for all eye colours and skin tones and looks. And it'll last years.”


Maison Tahité I Ristretto EDP, £90 for 100ml

“Coffee lovers, this new perfume is for you. Inspired and named after a ‘ristretto’, an intense shot of coffee, this has all the earthiness and punch of coffee but it is tempered with softer notes of pink pepper, violet and iris. It’s really unusual and I would go so far as to say that even non-coffee lovers will enjoy it. It's unisex and a good price for such a well-made and beautifully constructed eau de parfum.”


Ingeborg van Lotringen, GTG Contributing Beauty Editor

Gentil Femme U Complete Feminine Balance, £19

"Okay, this brand caught my eye because its product names sound like a Prince album. (There’s the Come Clean wash, the Take Care of U urinary tract support supplement, and a lube called A Quiet Night In too.) But it also fills a gap in the market for effective yet stylish intimate health solutions – a market that is set to boom. These sachets make for 10 tangy drinks that deliver electrolytes for moisture and mineral balance, a probiotic yeast for a healthy gut, and zinc and vitamin C to support the reproductive system and healing."


Clarins limited edition Lip Comfort Oils, £25

“I’m not a great fan of lip oils (they’re like a lip gloss or lip balms without the staying power) but these limited-edition juicy neons (a pink, orange and a yellow) are hard to resist. They’re very sheer so don’t be put off if you like things muted, but the colours do put a smile on your face (I understand we have to trendily call this ‘colour therapy’ now). They have jojoba, hazelnut and rose oil to nourish, and a cordial flavour for those with a sweet tooth.”


Skin Work Treatment Cleanse Cream Cleanser, £32

“This cleanser really stands out. A cool, smooth, unscented cream (it’s like a shea butter and glycerine-based cold cream), it takes some work to massage it into skin, and when you add water it also takes a while to emulsify before it rinses off clean (which it eventually does, unlike some cleansing balms that leave a heavy film on the skin). The need to massage means makeup gets time to dissolve properly, and while there is no oily residue, skin feels wholly moisturised, nourished and and calm after your cleanse. It gets the balance just right.”


Clinique High Impact Shadow Play Shadow + Definer, £28

“Where have these been all my life? I’m obsessed with eyeshadow sticks – just scrawl all over your lid and go. But these go one better, with a precision sponge dipped in a fine powder shadow in a deeper shade at the other end, to define your creases and/or lash line in a simple swipe. Both textures are budge-proof, ensuring I look halfway decent all day. They come in eight chic shade pairs. I’ll never need anything else!”


Marie Louise Pumfrey, GTG Contributor

Naked Sundays Cabana Glow  Mineral Glow Serum Drops, £34

“When it comes to SPF products, I always feel in safe hands with Aussie brands as they are experts in the field. My go-to is Naked Sunday who combine high-level protection, with clever skin-care ingredients and make-up. These glowing serum drops with SPF 50 contain powerful antioxidants to reduce redness and fine lines, as well as stellar sun protection. There are three shades to choose from - Pearl, Bronze or Illuminating - and they work seamlessly under makeup, are super hydrating and give a gorgeous dewy finish to the skin. You can mix in with foundation or use on its own. They will be perfect for those beach holidays we are all dreaming about.“


Gatineau Firming Eye Contour Serum, £59

“One of my biggest beauty woes is puffy skin around my eyes, always made worse if I’ve had a couple of Negronis the night before. My husband is an eye-bag sufferer too, so we’ve both been trying out this new ‘high-performance’ serum which has a whole load of science packed into its formulation. It contains a plant-derived collagen to help reduce appearance of fine lines and chlorella extract to soothe the skin as well as some unique ingredients that have been clinically proven to smooth fine lines and tighten and lift saggy skin. We’ve been using a few drops under the eye morning and evening and we are obsessed.”


Ren Clean Skincare PHA Exfoliating Facial, £34

“Want to tackle dull winter skin? Let me introduce you to this new skin buffer. I’ve been using it a couple of times a week and my face has a new, spring-like glow. It’s a lightweight cream which you massage in after cleansing and leave on for two minutes, rinse and pat dry. The formulation includes gentle PHAs derived from pomegranate enzymes which work on the skin's surface to refine texture. There’s also pomegranate powder to soften and buff away dead skin cells. I found it very gentle and the results are immediate.”


Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume, £57

"The newest hair care product you didn’t know you needed: hair perfume. I know it sounds decadent but there’s nothing nicer than sweet-smelling hair.  I have this one by Sachajuan sitting on my desk for a daily pick-me-up spritz in the morning. Its subtle and fresh fragrance has top notes of citrus, vanilla and sandalwood but this clever product is more than just a hair perfume. It’s formulated to reduce static, add shine and offer UV protection. And how handy for after barbecues or smoky situations which leave a lingering smell on the hair."


Isla Huffadine, GTG Content Coordinator

Starface Earth Star Pimple Patches, £9

"Starface’s pimple patches have been flooding my social media feed, their vibrant yellow stars transforming into a fashion statement. Unsure if I could rock the look, the introduction of a new neutral colour palette tempted me to try them. Made from 100% hydrocolloid, they absorb fluid, clear blemishes and shield the skin from bacteria. I applied the stars to dry, cleansed skin before bed and let them work their magic overnight. While I didn’t wake up with flawless skin (shock horror!), I did notice a reduction in redness and inflammation. These patches offer a whimsical touch to dealing with pesky pimples!"


Lush X Shrek Get Outta My Swamp Shower Slime, from £9

"I felt nostalgic on discovering this collaboration with Shrek and the notion of ditching clean aesthetics to embrace the swamp vibe was enough to get me on board with the slime. I was sceptical about the bright green colour and the texture was exactly what you imagine swamp slime to feel like - thick, gooey and very immersive. While it might not become a staple in my daily routine, it’s undeniably a playful product and one that the kids in your life will love."


Elf Holy Hydration Gel Yeah Moisturiser, £12

"If you’re in search of a light, non-greasy moisturiser, this could be the one for you. The water-based gel offers a lightweight feel and, true to its name, delivers ample hydration. With a higher water content than typical cream moisturisers, it avoids stickiness. It worked well on my combination skin, not leaving any oily residue or feeling heavy. For an additional soothing experience, try cooling the pottle in the fridge - perfect for a soothing refresh, especially in the warmer months when your skin may need extra relief from sun exposure."


Tweezerman X Disney We Got Ears Slant Tweezer, £24

"Tweezers are an important part of any brow grooming regimen, aiding in the refinement of your preferred shape and the elimination of stray hairs. With a 25 degree slanted tip, this design makes for precise hair removal from the root, alleviating concerns about accidentally plucking the wrong strand or struggling to grasp the pesky short ones! The Minnie Mouse design adds a cute touch to your brow maintenance routine."


Becki Murray, GTG Contributing Editor

Mii Bright Skin Resurfacing Pads, £22

“Skin still reeling from the dulling effects of winter? These exfoliating pads are quickly becoming my shortcut to a summer holiday glow. Containing not one, not two, but four brightening acids proven to help improve skin tone and texture, including glycolic acid, PHAs and tranexamic acid, plus niacinamide too, they are so easy to use. Plus, despite my sensitive skin, I haven’t struggled with irritation – although I’ve been using them bi-weekly as the suggestion to use them everyday sounds a little much to me.”


Hildun Beauty Silk To Set Kajal Liner, £16

“Easy-to-blend, creamy but quick-to-dry to avoid a smudgy mess, Hildun Beauty’s liners are fast becoming the secret weapon of my makeup bag, especially for last minute evening plans. If you find drawing straight, even lines tricky like me, the softness of these pencils will really help, especially as you don’t have to press too hard to get the definition and pigment-payoff you want for your cat eye or waterline liner looks.”


Skin Proud Secure The Barrier Eye Cream, £14.95

"You’ve probably heard a lot about protecting your skin’s moisture barrier to avoid irritated, sore skin - but it's interesting that until this product I hadn’t seen that concept extended to the eye area - despite it being the most sensitive area of your face. I’m glad Skin Proud took the plunge; this cream really delivers. With ceramides and squalane on hand to really lock-in moisture, plus caffeine to depuff (like a wake-up refresh for tired eyes), I’m trusting this cream to keep any hay fever symptoms around my eyes at bay all springtime long."


Huda Beauty FauxFiller Extra Shine Lip Gloss, £17.50

“Having spoken to makeup artists during Fashion Month, I am convinced that gloss is going to be the biggest lip trend this summer. Luckily, I think I’ve already found my front-runner for embracing the trend. Offering a super-reflective finish that you’d think would be sticky but isn’t, Huda Beauty’s new formula is actually really moisturising and offers great colour payoff. I can see why it's gone viral on TikTok.”