Reed diffuser sales soared in lockdown and months on we're still hooked – these are the ones we recommend investing in to keep your home smelling delightful

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Promising a long-lasting, subtle scent for the home without the fire hazard of our beloved scented candles , reed diffusers are fast becoming an interior must-have.

Prices, scents and packaging vary, but the basics are all the same - a blend of essential oils and several reed sticks which are usually made from rattan, which allows the scent to travel up and out into the room. They’re great for living rooms, bedrooms and - for obvious reasons - bathrooms, and if you pick the right blend, they generally give a far less synthetic aroma than your plug-in air freshener. They make a pretty housewarming gift, too.

So where to start? We’ve sniffed our way through some of the best reed diffusers on the market and found something for every budget and scent preference, whether you want something uplifting and cheery, or a relaxing fragrance that will complement both bath-time and bedtime. Our top tip: use fewer reeds for stronger fragrances - they’ll last longer so you get more bang for your buck, and will be easier on the nostrils. Here are our favourites…

Susanne Kaufmann Balancing Room Diffuser, £70

We love Susanne Kaufmann best for her luxurious body oils so we were pleased to learn she created a reed diffuser too. It's made with calming, mood-enhancing aromas with top notes of uplifting orange, lemon and lavender, heart notes of ylang-ylang, to balance the mind, and nutmeg and base notes of patchouli – known to soothe anxiety– and cedarwood. It's packaged in a recyclable glass bottle too, for sustainable credentials.

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The White Company White Lavender Diffuser, £27

While lavender as a room scent can be overwhelming, the added basil, lemon and vetivert in this oil balance it out to create a tranquil scent that’s just enough, rather than too much. Perfect for a living room or bedroom where you want to feel at ease.

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Atelier Cologne Rose London Diffuser, £64

It's always a treat to spritz yourself in an Atelier Cologne fragrance and your home deserves the same luxury. Made with a high concentration of perfume this diffuser lasts up to four months, filling your home with the kind of luxe scent you experience at a five-star hotel. The blue glass looks particularly lovely on side tables too, for an elegant touch.

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Rituals Sacred Saffron Fragrance Sticks, £19.50

One of the most stylish options in our edit, this beautiful black bottle will make your home look like a high-end hotel – these fly off the shelves, so keep an eye out for restocks as and when. Housing an intoxicating scent of pink pepper, saffron, ginger and clove it has a gentle smokiness with warm amber notes that smells exceedingly expensive. Home suddenly seems the best place to be...

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Clean Reserve Rain Reed Diffuser , £46

We're big fans of Clean Reserve's fragrances (particularly Radiant Nectar ) and if our house can smell as good thanks to their reed diffusers then count us in. The diffusers are made with natural rattan reeds and 100 per cent vegan oil, plus the glass vase is recusance with replaceable and recyclable reeds. Rain in our scent of choice; it's not cosy like many other diffusers, instead it creates a rejuvenating atmosphere with cedarwood oil, lavender and patchouli which come together to recreate that crisp smell you get after rain - without the bedraggled hair.

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Voya Oh So Scented African Lime and Clove Reed Diffuser, £43

If you need something zingy, refreshing and pretty to look at, Voya’s popular African Lime and Clove diffuser is the one you want. With 100ml of oil in a glass bottle, the combination of lime, grapefruit, lemon and spice is unique enough that guests will notice it, without being overpowering.

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Bramley Uplifting Room Diffuser, £30

For something a little different, try this breath of fresh air from Bramley; the combination of spearmint, lemongrass and marjoram are designed to bring the scent of the countryside into your home. The outer bottle may be minimalist (and will therefore suit every room) but it’s a strong scent that will leave you feeling perky.

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Holistic London Lavender and Patchouli Reed Diffuser, £40

We love this beauty and lifestyle brand masterminded by a husband and wife duo who saw a gap in the market for clean, sustainable and transformative home fragrance when they launched two years ago.

All the packaging is biodegradable or recyclable and the collection of eight diffusers boast non-toxic formulas. This one gets our vote. It's instantly calming yet not overpowering - just the thing for a home office.

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Bamford Incense Willow Diffuser, £58

The natural willow reeds give this super luxe option a point of difference - even when the scent is long gone it’s a stylish addition to your home. The heady combination of amber, rock rose and leather is also unusual and perfect for those who prefer a deeper, oud-like fragrance.

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Neom Organics London Happiness Reed Diffuser, £38

This pure oil is a combination of white neroli, mimosa and lemon, together with fresh grass notes, and is designed to make you feel more positive. The subtle scent certainly creates a more serene atmosphere, being spring-like yet relaxing - and it has impressive lasting power too.

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Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Scent Surround Reed Diffuser, £64

Beautifully designed in its signature cream and black packaging, Pomegranate Noir is one of the brand’s bestselling scents. With pomegranate, raspberry and plum combined with pink pepper and spicy woods, the diffuser has a rich fragrance that’s a little more subtle than the candle of the same name - plus you can enjoy it all day long without lifting a finger (or a match). Bliss.

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Stoneglow Nature’s Gift Red Rose Reed Diffuser, £35

If you want your home fragrance to look like it belongs in a fairytale, this is the diffuser for you. The simple vase-like bottle contains real flowers and spices while the essential oil is a blend of rose petals, geranium and a musky base. It’s definitely gift material, but we’d snap one up for ourselves too.

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ESPA Restorative Positivity Reed Diffuser, £36

Spa brands always have the upper hand when it comes to home fragrance because they know just how to transport you to that place of zen. ESPA’s Positivity diffuser has many a five-star review online thanks to its ability to instantly uplift a room; a long lasting blend of natural jasmine, gardenia and rose geranium brings a sense of happiness to any space. We can’t fault it.

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Sanctuary Spa Driftwood and Sea Spray Diffuser, £18

For those of you who want a subtle, delicate scent that just keeps a room feeling fresh, this option from Sanctuary Spa’s range of diffusers is the one. Light, breezy and a refreshing change from florals, its beach-like combination of sage, driftwood and citrus bring the seaside into your home. The darker reeds against the gold collar are a nice touch, too.

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Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Aroma Reeds, £45

Molton Brown’s home fragrances are legendary in the beauty biz, but this scent in particular is a cult bestseller across the range - and no wonder. The iconic fragrance is inspired by the bitter orange trees of Seville, together with addictive neroli, bergamot and mandarin. The sunny shade of the oil contrasts beautifully with the darker reeds and sleek bottle, too; a delight for all the senses.

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Monique Hart Bonne Nuit Diffuser, £42

In a gorgeous, gothic black glass bottle with a 22-carat gold embellished illustration and coordinating dark reeds, this luxe diffuser stands out from the crowd. With a heady certified organic mix of soothing, calming essential oils including lavender, rose geranium, jasmine and ylang ylang, the aroma is exactly what you need after a long day - put it in your bedroom for maximum benefits.

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Shiro White Lily Room Fragrance, £95

This super luxurious Japanese brand is best known for its skincare, but this latest addition to its fragrance range is just as noteworthy. White Lily is always an olfactory delight when it comes to fragrance - delicate, floral yet powdery, it’s an elegant aroma and the chic, minimalist bottle mirrors this perfectly. If you’re happy to splurge, this won’t disappoint.

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