New season, new scent? Whether you favour something light, floral, citrus or musk, there's a new perfume for everyone. We sniff out the best

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There is no better way to embrace a new season than to switch up your scent. Lighter, longer and (hopefully) warmer days feel like they should be accompanied by crisp floral notes or fruity tones but there’s no reason why heavier fragrances can’t also work in sunnier months. Here are the best new perfumes hitting the shelves now that work for spring, summer and beyond.

14 of the best spring summer perfumes

The cool collab: Frédéric Acne Studios Par Frédéric Malle, £200 for 50ml

When a cool fashion brand collaborates with an equally cult perfume brand then, of course, something wondrous is going to come from it. And this new perfume is exactly that. It centres around aldehydes which most of us recognise as a clean, slightly soapy, fresh laundry smell. But then soft rose elements start to come through as well as just the right amount of incense. It’s soft but not wishy-washy.

The dream destination one: Creed Queen of Silk EDP, £165 for 30ml

This beautifully composed scent uses notes from far-flung destinations to create a sense of escapism. At the base is heady cedarwood, musk and ambroxan (another musky note) and then the fruity floral notes come through. There’s passion fruit, tuberose, magnolia and osmnthus. So while this is a fruity perfume in design it has a sultriness and exoticness that you don’t usually find in florals and is the more interesting for it.

The showstopper: Miller Harris Celadon, £180 for 100ml

It may sound odd to describe a fragrance as sparkling but that's how this scent feels from the second you spray it from its chunky square bottle. It has a shimmer to it that immediately makes you happy. It mixes notes of tomato leaf and moss, then soft rose takes over along with a hint of spice from cardamom. There are also echoes of smoke and musk too. It somehow manages to have a bit of everything in it but works perfectly in balance and is unlike anything else out there. If you don’t want to commit to a full bottle straight away then you can buy a sample one for £3.50.

The limited edition: Jo Loves With Love From Positano, £135 for 100ml

You need to snap up this limited edition scent, created by Jo Malone, quickly because once it’s gone it’s gone. Inspired by the breathtaking coastline of Positano, this combines the scents of the region; orange oil, and bergamot wrapped around with star anise. Summer in a bottle.

The coffee one: Maison Tahité I Ristretto EDP, £90 for 100ml

 On first spritz it’s the richness of the coffee notes that you can smell - so if you’re a coffee fan this will appeal - but as soon as it dries down, slightly smoother and powdery elements of iris, violet and sandalwood come through. I would argue this would appeal even to those who don’t love a cup of the dark stuff. This is a unique scent and while it is on the heavier side, it makes for an interesting and sophisticated spring scent.

The sparkling one: Moncler Sunrise Pour Femme EDP, was £76 now £64.60 for 60ml

This one develops the longer you wear it. It starts out with a hefty kick of fruity pear and light florals from peony, freesia and lily of the valley. Gradually (this has very good staying power) the sandalwood and amber take over to give it a more rounded feeling.

The one that smells like sunshine: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Tiger Lily EDP, was £95 now £80.75 for 50ml

This opens with a burst of the smell of creamy coconut milk and is followed by a few more notes of mango and tiger lily, which could easily all sound like a bit too much however it's centred with a base note of benzoin which prevents it smelling too teeny and gives it an edge of glamour and sophistication.

The non-musk musk: Jo Malone London Musk Memento Cologne, £58 for 30ml

Inspired by London’s antique markets, this is quite an unusual musk scent as it’s not heavy and over-bearing. Instead, it has a lightness and cleanness to it, making it an ideal scent for this time of year. Soft musk has been blended with aldehyde, which is the note that gives scents a clean laundry scent. There’s also a hint of lavender and cedarwood.

The heavier spring scent: D.S & Durga Black Magenta EDP, £150 for 50ml 

If dancing the night away spells spring and summer for you and/or you're seeking something a little more sultry, sexy and dark then sniff this way. The city and night inspire this one, which has hefty notes of black amber, tobacco and iris, plus a little pineapple cutting through to give it sweetness. It’s glorious.

The zingy floral: Valentino Donna Born In Rome Green Stravaganza EDP, was £67 now £56.95 for 30ml

You might think from the colour of the bottle and its name that the ‘green’ would be reflected in fruity notes such as apples or earthy elements like grass. In fact, it’s referencing floral greens of jasmine and tea making it a light, fairly sweet scent with a hefty note of vanilla in the base, which is the note that lingers with you. Ideal for long, fun days in the sun.

The woody one: Van Cleef & Arpel Encens Précieux EDP, £153 for 75ml

This manages to combine the headiness of leather, tobacco, myrrh but has glimmers of lightness, thanks to pink pepper and creamy vanilla. It's light enough for sunny days but also dramatic enough for warm nights. It’s truly intoxicating.

The luxe one: Tom Ford Vanille Fatale EDP, £290 for 50ml

Even if you think you don’t like vanilla scents, this is worth smelling because it’s so much more than that - as you would expect from a Tom Ford perfume. It utilises notes of coffee, amber and barley to give it depth and the unapologetic sex appeal that's Ford's trademark.If your budget can stretch to this then you will not be disappointed.

The cult buy: Phlur Mood Ring EDP, £96 for 50ml

Think of this as your spring uplift in a bottle. It’s a light fruity floral perfume that’s bursting with notes of orange, jasmine, and marigold. Plus it has the brand’s signature musk notes at the base to give it a 'second skin' effect, making it smell like an extension of your natural smell rather than being obviously and overtly covered in perfume. This has been a huge hit on social media, as all Phlur scents are, so it won’t stay on the shelves for long.

The energising one: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Energy EDP, £20 for 20ml

Tapping into the trend of functional fragrances, this contains  notes that are said to alter your mood. This one (from a range of six) is designed to make you feel more energy - there is a bergamot extract alongside palo santo, which is often used to cleanse spaces from bad energy and is very woody and a bit minty. Together they create an earthy feel but not one of cold, dark, mud - more bouncy, fresh grass between your toes. Perfect for spring.