With the number of people identifying as having oily and combination skin increasing, Blur London has created all their products to solely solve the challenges of this specific skin type while also delivering so much more

Written in partnership with Blur London

All skin types come with their nuances and challenges and perhaps none more so than oily and combination skin. This is because striking the balance between keeping oily and combination skin hydrated but at the same time not overloading it, to prevent the sebaceous glands from going into overdrive and producing more oil and shine, can be a delicate one to get right. That’s where skincare brand, Blur London comes in.

Blur London has been designed specifically for oily and combination skin types and while this may seem niche, this is in fact a brand that's about being there for everyone who needs it. And it seems lots of us do as recent studies have shown that over a third of the global population has oily skin.

The range is concise and curated, consisting of three essential products; cleanser, toner and moisturiser, each containing carefully selected ingredients that bring out the best in oily and combination skin. More on the specific ingredients in a bit.

The three products (there are more coming later in the year) have been designed to be straightforward as well as efficacious with sleek and slick unisex packaging all of which is fully recyclable and for every product sold the brand plants a tree through the global non-profit organisation, One Tree Planted.

The formulations are all vegan, cruelty-free, oil-free (including essential oils) and all of the products are fragrance-free as oily and combination skin types can also be prone to sensitivity, which is exacerbated by scent.

Now, back to those ingredients. Blur London has selected ingredients that keep oily and combination skin perfectly balanced as well as maintaining skin hydration, decreasing sebaceous gland activity, decreasing pore size appearance, as well as having anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, boosting collagen, reducing irritation and improving skin tone. In short: everything you want and need your skincare ingredients to do. Let’s take a closer look at the products in the range.

Blur London: meet the products

This is a light, creamy cleanser that has the ability to thoroughly cleanse the skin without stripping it of the oils that oily skin needs to hang on to prevent it from feeling dry and tight and can be used day and night. It contains a fermented cotton extract packed with antioxidants and fatty acids as well as dragon fruit that’s known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains lactic acid which very gently exfoliates the skin to prevent pores from clogging while also keeping the skin perfectly hydrated and balanced as well as salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid that penetrates deep into the pores. GTG Beauty Director SJ, who has combination skin says, "what's great about this cleanser is that not only does it contain ingredients to keep oily skin balanced but it lathers up beautifully and removes every trace of makeup too saving time and effort, which is always a bonus in my eyes." 

Blur London Rebalancing Toner, £19

A milky toner that can be used daily to prep the skin for moisturiser. It has been formulated with the same pH level as skin which helps ensure that oily and combination skin stays balanced. It contains the wonder skincare ingredient, niacinamide which reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and boosts hydration levels. It also contains salicylic acid, a must-have ingredient for oily complexions as it helps to gently exfoliate the skin and unclog blocked pores. You’ll also find fermented organic rice to soothe and organic ashwagandha root, which is known for boosting collagen production. "You can either saturate a cotton pad and sweep this over the skin, or pat and press it in with your hands," says SJ. "It feels really refreshing as well as hydrating and not stripping in any way."

Blur London Cloudskin Moisturiser, £29 

With its gorgeous silky, but also slightly velvety texture, this light and non-comedogenic moisturiser leaves the skin with a perfect matte, but still a bit glowy, finish. This is thanks to it containing hydrating hyaluronic acid and three types of ceramides that help strengthen the skin barrier. it also contains an ingredient called bixa orellana, which are seeds from the red lip tree which Blur London has chosen because it reduces excessive sebum production, and they say is especially effective on multi-ethnic skin. "This is the star of the show for me," says SJ. "The texture is hydrating but not overwhelming and it leaves skin feeling super soft and velvety. Great for wearing under makeup but also leaves skin feeling perfectly balanced on days when you want to show off a beautifully bare complexion."

You can buy Blur London products individually or if you want to give them a try before committing to full-size there is the very affordable Discovery Set, £10. Alternatively, there is the money-saving 3-Step Collection, £60.

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