The new limited edition Silk Blossom Home Cologne and Candle from Jo Malone is floral fragrance at its finest

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Did you know that if every household in England had access to quality green space, it could save an estimated £2.1 billion in healthcare costs?* A staggering figure. Jo Malone is hoping to not only highlight the problem, but also provide a solution with the new limited edition Silk Blossom Home Cologne and Candle.

All of the proceeds from sales of the candle will go to charities up and down the country, allowing them to build and maintain beautiful scented gardens. These lush green spaces provide a safe environment for those living in deprived and vulnerable situations and help them to feel part of a community by embracing the power of gardening. There are currently two gardens in London and Edinburgh, one in New York and another two are opening in Bristol in June 2015 and in Liverpool on the 1st of July 2014.

A beautifully scented duo, notes of silk blossom, white pepper and moss make for a sweet yet sophisticated cologne with the freshness of a eau de toilette but the power of a parfum. Combine with the accompanying dégradé glass-encased candle to ensure that your home smells just as lovely you this summer too.

*The role of the natural environment in maintaining healthy lives, Natural England 2009.

Jo Malone Limited Edition Silk Blossom Cologne,  30ml, £41,100ml, £82 and  Candle , £42. Buy online from