Our body naturally lets us down when it comes to radiance as we get older - but Kiran Branch has found the answer in a bottle

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As picturesque as the blanket of snow covering the nation is, we can't help but frown at the fact that it’s wreaking havoc with our skin. No, we're not being dramatic. Between the sub-zero temperatures outdoors and the combination of heating and air conditioning indoors, our skin is in need of some serious hydration - and something to eliminate those frown-induced wrinkles and a touch of radiance wouldn't go amiss either.

Determined to go down the natural health route, we turned to Shabir Daya of Victoria Health (frontrunners in the world of natural health) and it seems that ceramides are the answer to all our skin woes. Ceramides are imperative for the preservation of young, healthy-looking skin, but unfortunately the body's production of ceramides declines with age.

According to Shabir: "Skin ceramides make up approximately 40% of the lipids (natural oils) in the outermost layer of skin. The loss of ceramides allows the skin to lose moisture, leaving skin dry, rough and more prone to wrinkles."

Before you start to frown again, fret not - there is a solution. Clinical studies have shown that taking Skin Restoring Ceramide supplements (£25, www.victoriahealth.com ) measurably enhances skin moisture and contributes to smoother, hydrated  and radiant looking skin. Who knew the supposedly elusive elixir of youth would be so easy to come by?